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  • TeamCity 2.1 New Features
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Administration: Build management

General enhancements

  • Match and does not match requirement types support
  • Configurable server URL used in notifications (to allow https)
  • Support wildcards in artifact paths and possibility to specify target directory
  • More predefined properties and environment variables available
  • Ability to access server from build scripts using basic authentication. For example, it is now possible to trigger a build from a script.

Version Control System enhancements

  • Subversion: Upgrade svnkit library to 1.1.2
  • ClearCase: added support for ClearCase Base and ClearCase load rules

Ipr and Inspection runners, Duplicates finder

  • Possibility to specify pre-script and post-script for Ipr runner. Allows to use Ipr runner with TestNG tests
  • Possibility to specify pre-script for Inspections runner and for Duplicates finder. Allows to fetch necessary libraries before the build if they are not presented in version control system.
  • Possibility to specify artifact path for Ipr runner
  • Possibility to look for tests only in "test sources" paths defined in Ipr.

Ivy-related improvements

  • Ivy repository is protected by password authentication TW-2393 and
  • Do not provide generated ivy.xml if ivy.xml already exists in published artifacts TW-2392
  • View artifact dependency information:

Maven runner improvements

Maven runner has been totally reworked. Maven is now launched directly using 'mvn' executable, not using Maven embedder. It allows TeamCity not to be tied to a set of specific Maven versions anymore.

User interface features

Assign next build to specific agent (including disabled ones):

Possibility to enforce clean checkout for a project on all build agents

Ability to Collapse Mini-Stack from Failed Tests


Line numbers in Duplicates view on the Web

Implicit requirements are shown on requirements page

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