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  • TeamCity 10.0.4 (build 42538) Release Notes
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TeamCity 10.0 Release Notes

Fixed issues in the tracker


  • TW-24878 - Git bare repository mirror does not fetch all branches, only current
  • TW-47444 - Support updated csproj file format in .NET runners
  • TW-47555 - Add ability to tag all dependent resources when launching Amazon EC2 instance
  • TW-47672 - XML Report Processing ignores report updates after once parsed it
  • TW-47785 - Add support of VS 2017 in Visual Studio (sln) runner
  • TW-47822 - Report MSBuildTools15 build agent configuration parameter
  • TW-47825 - Support MSTest 2017

Usability Problem

  • TW-47806 - "Flaky tests" tab ignores current project
  • TW-48070 - Parameter teamcity.activeVcsBranch.age.days is not working as expected
  • TW-48129 - Avoid multiple logging of metrics calculating in case when there was not any successful build to calculate the metric.


  • TW-10454 - Inspections results browsing: cannot use scope if filtered by errors
  • TW-10526 - Missing ALL_USERS_GROUP is not considered a critical server error
  • TW-32732 - NuGet Publish shows warning when pushing .symbols.nupkg
  • TW-37173 - Agent Side Checkout with Uploaded SSH Keys does not work
  • TW-41693 - Private ec2 agent does not get pushed to
  • TW-42648 - Cannot stop build during agent-side Git checkout
  • TW-43247 - Misleading warning when creating project from URL for VS Online with incorrect credentials
  • TW-43760 - VSTest.console execution failed (VSTest 2015)
  • TW-44844 - Agent-side checkout fails when dirty files are marked as unchanged in git
  • TW-46035 - It is possible to redefine read-only parameter via triggering a build with custom build configuration settings
  • TW-46331 - Missing UUID causes cryptic error message in build log
  • TW-46418 - Support redirects on downloading tools (e.g. handle.exe)
  • TW-46568 - Schedule trigger with "Trigger only if watched build changes" can trigger an extra build promoting already promoted build (previous build triggered manually)
  • TW-46627 - 'Parameter "<param>" is undefined' warning in build log for escaped %param%
  • TW-47102 - Git checkout using SSH to VSTS fails with "session is down"
  • TW-47117 - NuGet Runners: build fails to start if NuGet step is autodetected from VCS root
  • TW-47279 - Agent-side checkout is selected for unsupported authentication method
  • TW-47409 - Cleanup TFVC urls for TFS on-premises
  • TW-47518 - Precedence of clashing dep. parameter references has changed in 10.0.2
  • TW-47542 - Unexpected error on opening failed test details
  • TW-47558 - Fix ordering in rest projects popup
  • TW-47603 - Meta-runner with NuGet step from 9.1.x isn't compatible with 10.0.x version
  • TW-47624 - Slow server shutdown due to blocked async triggers (maven)
  • TW-47635 - Changes page can stop refreshing and display stale data
  • TW-47659 - TC database deadlock issues (test_failure_rate table)
  • TW-47669 - AzureCloudImage - Failed to create deployment in resource group
  • TW-47670 - Many UI threads in DownloadedArtifactsLoggerImpl.logArtifactDownload
  • TW-47675 - TeamCity 9 does not detect JUnit5 test results automatically
  • TW-47681 - Inconsistent message on expiring licenses and actual licenses
  • TW-47688 - vmware plugin shouldn't require CustomizationSpecManager
  • TW-47694 - Confusing "Scope options are empty" on running restore with maintainDb tool
  • TW-47696 - Error Applying Patch: Failed to perform checkout on agent - folder already mapped in another workspace
  • TW-47698 - Failed compilation step reports as `failed (Exit code 1)` instead of delivering a compile error message.
  • TW-47706 - Build chain optimizer may not work properly if chain has "Always run a new build" requirement for some nodes
  • TW-47724 - TeamCity/Upsource integration Personal builds results are getting propagated to revisions in Upsource.
  • TW-47732 - TeamCity can't be saved in Inspections (IntelliJ IDEA) Build Step when I click the Check Project
  • TW-47747 - Server starts more agent instances than a cloud profile allows
  • TW-47754 - Plugins page displays incorrect paths to unpacked plugins
  • TW-47768 - server-web-api.war file under WEB-INF/lib directory
  • TW-47772 - Links in agent breadcrumbs can be broken if build in some branch runs on the agent
  • TW-47773 - Adding VCS Trigger runs build immediately (changes from dependencies case)
  • TW-47778 - Invalid VS 2017 version number in agent parameters
  • TW-47783 - SQL exception on build message processing node
  • TW-47790 - Incomplete REST response can be returned to the build list query when agent pool is included into the response
  • TW-47801 - Error on database restore: Value "22390302" is not a valid date.
  • TW-47805 - Git plugin uses wrong ref name when build github pull request ref
  • TW-47815 - When fixing location of build artifacts, leave them in the same server artifacts directory
  • TW-47818 - '<Root project>' level Versioned settings can cause sub-project builds to fail with "List remote refs failed"
  • TW-47819 - History build is used in artifacts when set to "Latest finished build with specified tag"
  • TW-47833 - "Project with id "<null>" does not exist anymore" when navigating via bread crumb on test history page
  • TW-47835 - Changes page shows "One build failure" for a given change regardless of the number of failed builds
  • TW-47842 - Cleanup TFS .net error messages
  • TW-47853 - Editing cloud profile with newly added CloudImage might lead to NPE
  • TW-47855 - Remove non used TeamCity tfs workspaces
  • TW-47869 - Flaky status not displayed in the expanded stack trace
  • TW-47874 - p4 clean broken when using checkout rules with more than one mapping
  • TW-47875 - Nested projects with unknown parent breaks settings update from VCS
  • TW-47890 - Versioned Settings (Kotlin format): "Kotlin DSL compilation errors" on double quotes in a PowerShell build
  • TW-47905 - Wrong test results for retried tests (Gradle + TestNG)
  • TW-47906 - 'Loading Build Log' task pops up every few seconds with IDEA 2016.3
  • TW-47907 - Pressing Enter in promote dialog filter causes accidential build triggering
  • TW-47911 - Only VCS branches are shown in branches popup which is opened using magic wand icon
  • TW-47921 - No CSS returned for build HTML status widget with withCss parameter
  • TW-47925 - JavaScript error on queued build page
  • TW-47936 - BuildTypeNotFoundException in teamcity-server.log on every 'New Artifact Dependency' opening
  • TW-47949 - Report highest available versions of .NET tools
  • TW-47958 - Build failure on message conditions can improperly fire due to a concurrency issue
  • TW-47992 - SQL exception from case insensitive database on attempt to enter vcs user names having different cases
  • TW-48002 - PeUtil could not read version of 64bit executable
  • TW-48011 - Teamcity create VSTest trx file but cannot read it (filename with french characters)
  • TW-48012 - Use debug preset to log stacktraces for tfs java web server start failures
  • TW-48023 - Finish trigger in build chains broken since TC restored from crash.
  • TW-48026 - In the Test History tab for a build config, ordering by a column jumps to the Test History tab for the project
  • TW-48027 - 'Revisions are not found for build configuration' error in build with versioned settings enabled
  • TW-48030 - To change the configs-dsl-kotlin-plugins version to one supported by Gradle
  • TW-48043 - Artifact resolving on Unix agent can fail with
  • TW-48046 - External status controller does not set timeout for http client
  • TW-48067 - JIRA 'Get all projects' uses incorrect password for API call
  • TW-48081 - No logging on automatic build queue pausing on low free disk space
  • TW-48082 - "The build queue was paused" message noted wrong threshold
  • TW-48098 - Update AWS SDK to 1.11.66 to support new instance types
  • TW-48104 - YouTrack Issue Tracker does not link issues if the YouTrack project ID has an '_' underscore.
  • TW-48110 - 'Resource type' of shared resource does not reflect actual value
  • TW-48126 - OutOfMemory error when project hierarchy contains cycle
  • TW-48157 - Removed license is returned after server restart
  • TW-48169 - Rename Server Health item displayed when TeamCity license has already expired.
  • TW-48194 - Error while applying project settings from VCS after server clean-up

Performance Problem

  • TW-47683 - Slow Run custom build dialog opening: calculating changes in the entire chain
  • TW-47699 - Bad performance of parameters auto completion popup
  • TW-47910 - Artifact dependencies section on build configuration settings can load for minutes (many dependencies and slow ArtifactDependencyBean.isBranchRequired)
  • TW-48009 - Inefficient calculation of can-run-on agents for a build configuration
  • TW-48071 - Slow UI due to interlocking on build's branches calculation

Security Problem

  • TW-20027 - Ability to turn setupAdmin.html page off
  • TW-41792 - When agents connect to server using unidirectional protocol, do not accept commands on agent's XML-RPC port
  • TW-47702 - User can set any email address as verified
  • TW-48024 - possible XSS on cloud profiles page


  • TW-47186 - Align warning that is displayed in Login screen when current system admin was removed.
  • TW-47689 - PowerShell plugin description is missing comma in the Vendor field
  • TW-47836 - Broken health report view icon
  • TW-48186 - Misplaced progress on login page


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