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TeamCity 10.0.1 (build 42078) Release Notes

TeamCity 10.0 Release Notes

Fixed issues in tracker


TW-45814 — Enable multiple project support for commit status publisher
TW-46195 — NUnit.lite TestResult.xml not recognized (support nunit 3 xml format)
TW-46623 — Allow app/rest/vcs-root-instances/commitHookNotification request to return 200 result even if not VCS root instances are found
TW-46900 — Add ability to write tests for settings in Kotlin DSL
TW-46932 — Update current dotCover to newer version 2016.2. Build 106.0.20160818.170755

Usability Problem

TW-46309 — State reason of disabled settings editing in the message
TW-36116 — Can hide all build configurations in a project with no way back
TW-46616 — No warning that syncing settings using Kotlin DSL deactivates editing via web UI
TW-24521 — Make it clear in UI that building Git tags is supported
TW-40700 — Snapshot dependency problem link should open the dependency build
TW-41775 — Startup message "Could not use the TeamCity Data Directory ..." is not logged
TW-45458 — Log perfmon startup
TW-45801 — Provide a warning when the number of already assigned to pool agents exceeds the maxAgents.
TW-46108 — Improve the UI of "Existing Project settings detected" dialog.
TW-46816 — Confusing build log - no clear distinction when build is starting or some build related activity is performed while build is still in the queue


TW-39347 — Support NuGet $batch queries
TW-42135 — Make "Registration using all supported protocols fails." agent message more user-friendly
TW-43254 — Long dependencies lists are cut off in the feed
TW-43787 — A way to create user without password for built-in authentication module
TW-46287 — Implement invalid resource definitions handling
TW-46501 — TeamCity may have several testNameIds pointing to the same test name
TW-46558 — Wrong data in Disk Usage popup for a build configuration (negative builds with artifacts count)
TW-46569 — Agent upgrades two times on each server restart (before and after tools initialization)
TW-46622 — IDEA runner fails to build android project: MissingMethodException: No signature of method:
TW-46648 — Hard drive can fill up due to temp folder being filled with temp tools folders created every second if tool is installed as a directory
TW-46763 — Failed to checkout changes in TFVC after changing credentials
TW-46764 — Failed to start build runner 'NUnit'
TW-46787 — Unable to collect changes from TFS 2008
TW-20110 — Excessive logging in agent log (update agent parameters problem) when server if offline
TW-22938 — When clicking on the breadcrumb to go level up, preserve the current branch, if any
TW-30991 — Build log Tree view of a running build can scroll to the bottom by itself
TW-31992 — Server-side checkout fails after upgrade to 8.0.3+: Failed to build patch ... due to error: Cannot build patch:
TW-36083 — NuGet feed Semantic Versioning seems wrong
TW-36121 — Build does not fail on NUnit crash
TW-37403 — Excessive "Unable to find build by build id: XXX" logging
TW-38894 — Internal Server Error in NuGet feed when trying to access not existing package via direct URL (packages\packageId\packageVersion)
TW-39197 — Use https for server version update checks
TW-39211 — Internal NuGet server responds with 204 No Content when no packages are found by provided package id
TW-40215 — $skiptoken option does not work for TeamCity NuGet Feed
TW-42553 — "Failed to commit project settings" error is shown to all project administrators for an unrelated project
TW-45211 — Use standard project icons in projects tree on user notification rules page and show projects tree collapsed by default
TW-45851 — .net process runner fails to run on some agents
TW-45866 — My investigations page can show tests which do not have investigation anymore
TW-45954 — Wrong build log nodes collapsing and duplicating nodes
TW-45972 — Cloud instance can stay connected with agent in disconnected state if agent upgrades in cycle
TW-46063 — ERROR logging from MavenArtifactDependencyTrigger without due details
TW-46147 — Using new bulk pause/unpause it is easy to wipe previous paused state
TW-46251 — ChangeDefaultCheckoutTypeToAuto convertor can be slow
TW-46290 — "Failed with error 403/Forbidden" error in projects popup for local server if user has no project-associated permissions
TW-46292 — TeamCity should not rearrange include/exclude rules in client specification when there is no checkout rules in build configuration
TW-46296 — Wrong "Setting generated name ... to agent ... as it had no name defined." logging in server log
TW-46298 — No server logging on agent name clash on new agent registration via unidirectional protocol
TW-46459 — Empty "Resolving artifact dependencies" block in the build log in a build without dependencies
TW-46474 — Wrong build duration can be reported (two nodes setup only)
TW-46498 — Pause before build finish ~10 seconds after "Publishing internal artifacts" and before "Build finished"
TW-46561 — Could not initialize external maven embedder server (reason unknown)
TW-46565 — "Subversion ExternalsCache: Could not remove disk store entry" in server console on server start
TW-46566 — Running builds processing node got kicked off heartbeat without restart: Our heartbeat session record was deleted!
TW-46598 — Typed parameter with dash symbol is failed to parse in IE11
TW-46668 — Git timeout after upgrade to teamcity 10.0.1
TW-46699 — Agent Install: Save button for agent properties window doesn't work
TW-46703 — 403 response for Investigations page: You do not have enough permissions to access build with id: NNN
TW-46718 — Server UI not available: almost all threads in RepositoryUtil.logArtifactDownload
TW-46746 — DBStringValueIsTooLongException on attempt to store build problem in database
TW-46778 — Error collecting changes for VCS repository (from docker hub comments)
TW-46799 — Could not fix artifacts directory location error can appear in some cases
TW-46815 — Negative average artifacts size value in Disk Usage popup
TW-46822 — Build artifacts aren't shown after the build rename and a clean-up
TW-46834 — Add support of multiple mapped tfs roots within checkout directory
TW-46839 — "Unexpected error" after server upgrade
TW-46871 — Agent becomes disconnected when stop build action takes a long time
TW-46876 — Error updating sources for TFS repository
TW-46889 — MSpec requires DotNetFramework4.0.*
TW-46961 — Github caches status icons
TW-34334 — Teamcity should report a health status item, if EC2 image agent's version is older than server
TW-38218 — Bug with documentation at Statistics
TW-39201 — Double warning icon can be displayed for a license key
TW-39254 — Internal Server Error is returned by Internal NuGet server when there is extra single quote in call to GetPackageId or GetUpdates
TW-39255 — Internal NuGet server responds with 204 No Content when latest version is specified in GetUpdates function
TW-39481 — Cannot run a new agent instance after base image update ("preserve the clone" case)
TW-39989 — Build script interaction timestamp .NET example is wrong
TW-40240 — Agents can't register with Attempting to register agent ... while registering another agent ... with the same authorization token
TW-40367 — Remove confirmation dialog on pressing Start at agents.html?tab=clouds
TW-40987 — Investigations from parent project appears in child problems where the problems don't exist
TW-41774 — SBuildAgent.getHostAddress() sometimes returns fqdn instead of ip address
TW-41994 — Invalid requests to NuGet feed should not generate internal server errors
TW-42185 — Revision from versioned settings of a dependency build is shown as usual revision from a build
TW-42188 — Ignored tests messages are multiplicated, when tests are run multiple times
TW-42410 — TeamCity NuGet feed listener fails with exception when checking for Updates in Visual Studio
TW-42579 — Maven runner does not report Kotlin compilation errors
TW-43145 — ConcurrentModificationException from VcsRootsManagerImpl.getAllConfigurationUsages
TW-43264 — False errors reported by TeamCity Inspections
TW-43640 — There is no "Enable" button for a paused build configuration
TW-43661 — NPE on add build step in REST api
TW-43874 — Empty configuration file committed into VCS settings root in case there is no space on disk
TW-44450 — Projects popup: dialog is not shown when breadcrumb is open
TW-44451 — Projects popup: show dialog button (arrow) does not work when dialog is shown via shortcut
TW-44475 — New VCS root page layout is broken in Firefox.
TW-44539 — Stop build does not work on Alpine Linux
TW-44838 — Do not fail build if versioned settings VCS root has error but the settings are to use "current settings"
TW-45037 — Outdated message is shown for muted test
TW-45343 — New os icons seem a bit large
TW-45379 — The build log has artifacts when TeamCity service messages contain some hierarchy of workflows
TW-45684 — Versioned settings feature is not removed from a project on selecting "Use settings from a parent project"
TW-45940 — "Start" button should be disabled in Agents Cloud if maxAgents value is reached in the Pool.
TW-45983 — 'Mapping '//XXX/...' is not under '//test-stream/...' error during commit to perforce
TW-45984 — 'XXX... - must refer to client 'YYY' in perforce VCS root
TW-46097 — Click on "open popup" control does not close already opened popup from breadcrumbs
TW-46107 — Artifact dependencies silently disappear if edited to become the same as original template versions of other deps overridden with a different content within the same build type settings
TW-46279status publisher plugin wrong URL in github
TW-46300 — Agent with the same name which registers unknown runners fills the server log
TW-46363 — Add multiple "Finish Build Trigger" on same build config with inherited template trigger and additional trigger overload is not possible
TW-46524 — Each build (running on the second node) has misleading "TeamCity server was restarted" in verbose build log
TW-46570 — Wrong data in Disk Usage page
TW-46580 — Error exporting chart java.lang.IllegalStateException: Nesting problem.
TW-46581 — Extra whitespace between the test class and test name on the Tests build time
TW-46583 — UrlBuildTrigger logs ERROR in the log on non-200 response codes
TW-46600 — Setting git i18n.commitCharset = 'utf8' breaks collecting changes: .IllegalCharsetNameException: 'utf8'
TW-46607 — Wrong number of resolved code inspection (always reporting -1)
TW-46612 — Do not drop git clone on authentication error during agent-side checkout
TW-46620 — "Reorder Build Steps" popup retains order if canceled
TW-46636 — Versioned settings get committed though globally disabled on server
TW-46673 — Settings changes from UI can be lost on server shutdown
TW-46681 — Remove "download-url" from bundled plugins (commit status publisher)
TW-46682 — Remove "download-url" from bundled plugins vmware)
TW-46683 — Remove "download-url" from bundled plugins (Artifact Deployer)
TW-46684 — Remove "download-url" from bundled plugins (BitBucket and GitHub issues)
TW-46685 — copy_artifacts.bat script doesn't work for builds/projects with a comma or a parenthesis in a name
TW-46695 — Exception on server startup in 10.0 from old version of VmWare plugin
TW-46701 — Better default choice for AWS region
TW-46704 — GitHub Enterprise status update fails due to SNI SSL
TW-46713 — Extra artifacts directories can be created for never triggering builds
TW-46719 — Chrome hangs on a diff page with long exception
TW-46721 — New build without artifact should be considered as 'cleaned' in disk usage
TW-46722 — Add a Help link to the checkbox parameter specification
TW-46725 — Project admin could occasionally remove user`s watched projects/configurations
TW-46727 — Invalid TFS Work Items URL
TW-46731 — Stacktrace at Maven plugin init
TW-46735 — Agent-side idle artifacts cache cleanup does not get interrupted
TW-46740 — TeamCity doesn't show that build was produced from custom branch if branch name is set by parameter chain
TW-46747 — Counters near project names on My Investigations page seem to be incorrect
TW-46749 — Automatically degrade REST projects popup in IE9-
TW-46765 — Visual Studio Addin icon isn't shown in IE browser
TW-46766 — Newly installed NuGet tool version is always set as default (regardless "Set as Default" checkbox)
TW-46767 — Do not show "Cross-Server Projects Popup" configuration on Nodes Configureation page for IE 9-
TW-46769 — No more teamcity.tool.NuGet.CommandLine.DEFAULT.nupkg configuration parameter in TC10
TW-46773 — Detect presence of SQL server nocount=on option on server startup and ask to change it
TW-46784 — NuGet indexing behavior changed in version 10
TW-46785 — Commit Status Publisher plugin does not handle build configuration VCS root changes
TW-46820 — Exception during attempt to hide inherited params
TW-46838 — Search plugin can fail to initialize on server startup
TW-46848 — Build success despite SSH Exec ssh exit-code 1
TW-46849 — Exception from BroadcastersManager on server shutdown
TW-46851 — Teamcity - Gitlab connection issue
TW-46854 — .git repository not updated correctly for GitVersion
TW-46857 — Git remote tracking branch is not configured during first branch checkout
TW-46862 — Edit build feature dialog fields retain invalid values
TW-46863 — Wrong versioned settings status after project uuid update
TW-46872 — External maven may get into failed state
TW-46890 — Project is removed during import settings from VCS
TW-46892 — Versioned settings health report is not updated on versioned settings disabling and project removal
TW-46904 — Commit status publisher admin UI and health reports fail to find VCS root if it is referred to by internal id in the build feature params
TW-46907 — In case of a failure of a build to collect changes, Commit Status Publisher is invoked with N/A instead of a revision number
TW-46914 — Git VCS changes are not always identified
TW-46917 — Errors reported into current status of a build config by commit status publisher stay there even if the build feature is deleted and the config is successfully run again.
TW-46936 — Lots of Cannot find Latest build with tag: 'baseline' to calculate metric 'number of inspection errors' in build log
TW-46943 — 'Cannot find previous revision of project' error on project settings update from VCS
TW-46956 — Completion icon is misplaced on inspections runner page
TW-46958 — 'Commit made from UI is not found' error on attempt to import project from VCS
TW-46965 — "run custom build" button becomes disabled after update of refreshable
TW-46969 — Commit status publisher parses Bitbucket url with port incorrectly
TW-46977 — Password replacement can affect parameter set by setParameter service message
TW-46981 — Build changes in dag-based VCS root are limited by history builds
TW-46999 — Commit status publisher reports status FAILED just before reporting status SUCCESSFUL after a failed but still running build is marked as successful by user (for some types of publishers)
TW-47037 — JavaScript error on attempt to add build configuration to empty priority class

Performance Problem

TW-13453 — Optimize Perforce checkout when checkout rules limit it to some directories (checkout on server case)
TW-45642 — Very high write throughput ( Ops/s ) on TeamCity disk in /opt/TeamCity/.BuildServer/system/pluginData/customDataStorage/buildTypes
TW-46664 — Publishing of many small files using ArtifactsCachePublisher takes significantly more time
TW-37024 — A lot of StartupUserSession right after the server start
TW-45481 — Slow role's permissions set editing on a server with lots of users
TW-46400 — High memory usage (many active build configurations combined into build chains)
TW-46637 — Remove TFS caches cleanup from the server shutdown handler
TW-46874 — Project deletion takes too long (project with 20000 build configurations)


TW-46525 — Align load icon for hide/show project button
TW-46608 — Bad formatting of yellow warning message
TW-46621 — Align text on add LDAP module pop-up
TW-46710 — Expand comment button is too close to a snapshot dependency icon in changes popup
TW-46793 — Align buttons on edit priority class page
TW-46687 — Swabra NPE in in TC10
TW-24874 — Exception on attempt to edit build feature
TW-46794 — SQL exception: Data truncation: Data too long for column 'block_type'


TW-46672 — Add information about other official TeamCity docker images into description on
TW-46926 — TeamCity does not handle reconnecting to database with AWS Aurora database failover
TW-23946 — MS SQL : Enabling SSL Communication
TW-30907 — Make build configuration/project name a link (notification rules and others)
TW-44044 — Update disk usage incrementally during cleanup
TW-45505 — Improve errors presentation in REST projects popup
TW-46005 — Update Creating and Editing Build Configurations
TW-46252 — Provide built-in help for Remote Debug
TW-46440 — Add example of commit hook for Mercurial repository
TW-46609 — To log deleted config files on settings update from VCS
TW-46751 — [Oracle] Use the Service Name based JDBC URL syntax
TW-46891 — Introduce a minimum changes checking interval when commit hook is installed
TW-46930 — Describe how TeamCity plugins can be disabled in documentation
TW-46939 — Add section about git gc in documentation
TW-46702 — Mark Open API new in 10.0 with @since 10.0


TW-46979 — A stored XSS
TW-45812 — User without appropriate permissions can add builds to other user's favorites
TW-46211 — Error messages in svn VCS root reveal file-system structure on TC server

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