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The plugin is bundled since TeamCity 5.1. The recent version is described in the documentation for the latest TeamCity release.

General Info




Apache 2.0


free, open-source

Plugin Description

To learn more about the plugin, please read the recent plugin page in the documentation for the latest TeamCity release.

Plugin Development Status

Production quality.

TeamCity Versions Compatibility

Plugin was bundled with TeamCity 5.1.
In TeamCity 6.0 Swabra became a build feature.
To learn more on using old Swabra versions, please read previous versions of this document.

Installation instructions

  1. Put into <TeamCity Data Directory>/plugins folder.
  2. Restart the server.


If you believe you've faced a bug: Issue Tracker (project: TeamCity)
If you want to ask a question or discuss: Forum

Sources on GitHub

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