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General Info




Apache 2.0


free, open-source

Plugin Description

With the help of this plugin you can add any HTML, JS or CSS to various pages of TeamCity UI.
Plugin configuration files are located under .BuildServer/config/_static_ui_extensions.
Use static-ui-extensions.xml to change the settings, see static-ui-extensions.xml.dist for template settings.

Since build 58 (, there is ability to serve static files: the files located under _static_ui_extensions/pages/<relative path> are available via URLs http://<teamcity_url>/app/static_content/<relative path>.
The files are available to any (including unauthenticated) users.

Plugin uses Web UI Extensions of TeamCity open API to add the content.

TeamCity Versions Compatibility

Plugin is compatible with TeamCity 6.5 and newer


Download latest build

Builds history

Public repository:,

git clone URL: git://


  • open the sources in InteliJ IDEA 11+ and build artifact plugin-zip.

Installation instructions:

Copy into <TeamCity Data Directory>/plugins directory (more on this).


Like the feature or want an improvement? Found a bug?
Please create an issue on GitHub or send Feedback for the plugin as for bundled functionality, just note the plugin version that you use.