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  • Release Notes for Agra, build 3914
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JUnit 3.8.1 is shipped by default with Ant runner, JUnit-4 is used for Ipr runner

Maven runner improvements

  • TeamCity now bundles with Maven 2.0.5 (was 2.1-SNAPSHOT). A separate Maven 2.0.4 installation is also can be used.

Many ClearCase fixes

Permalinks section on build configuration home page

Web Diff improvements

  • Added clickable changes map. (Dashed blue rectangle shows visible portion of file)
  • Source restyled to look properly on Mac
  • Added optional syntax highlightning (implemented using net.sf.colorer_0.8 library, disabled by default, see section below)

Notes on using syntax highlighter

Colorer syntax highlighter uses native library (bundled win32, Linux(x86) and MacOSX universal binary versions). Native library can crash your JVM so colorer is disabled by default. To enable syntax highlightning open WEB-INF/buildServerSpring.xml and set property enableColorer of bean diffViewController to true.

If you face java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError for net_df_colorer library please remove section
<bean id="colorerSyntaxHighlighter" class="jetbrains.buildServer.web.util.ColorerSyntaxHighlighter" depends-on="mainServerInterceptor"/> around line 25 of WEB-INF\buildServerSpring.xml to get rid of an exception at server startup.

Also you can try to get Colorer library sources and recompile for your platform. Binaries should go to WEB-INF\lib folder.

Less steps to save your changes

Dashboard/Overview page

  • True AJAX update of the overview page. Full reload is made only when project is changed by adminstrator
  • Run button uses AJAX as well

Eclipse Plugin

  • Delayed commit for Subversion
  • Remote Tests view
  • Various minor bugfixes and UI improvements

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