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  • Release Notes for Agra, build 3811
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Pending changes are shown on the overview page

Move build to top of build queue

Restrict maximum number of simultaneously running builds of one build configuration

Now it is possible to specify maximum number of concurrently running builds for a build configuration.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • OpenAPI: Notification templates engine now allows customization from plugins: a plugin is able to register its own patterns and processors for this patterns.
  • Maven build runner gets stuck in dependency resolution loop
  • TW-1879 LDAP login allows login with invalid credentials
  • TW-1851 IPR runner incorrectly shows project modules as unresolved
  • TW-1872 IPR runner: Detection of global libraries fails
  • TW-1903 Load build log lazily
  • TW-1808 VisualStudio 2005 addin: "No IDE responded"
  • TW-1709 Build is marked obsolete even if single ping to agent fails
  • TW-1679 Not getting latest changes from Perforce 2002.2
  • Full list of fixed bugs
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  1. Delayed commit from Visual Studio with TFS as source control:

    • Problem with loosing build just after running DC was fixed
    • Result of delayed commit is now displayed in changes view together with result of accoring personal build (commit successful/commit failure)
    • Possibility to run two pending delayed commits with intersecting sets of changes is now prevented
    • Inter-process synchronization between two VS instances added (now they won't be able to perform single DC simoultaneously (smile) ).
    • A lot of bugfixes and cosmetics