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The plugin is bundled since TeamCity 5.0. See the usage details in the current documentation version.

On this page:

General Info




Apache 2.0


free, open-source

Plugin Description

Exposes the TeamCity API via REST.


Details of the API usage are described at the version-specific pages:

REST API Versions

As REST API evolves from one TeamCity version to another, there can be incompatible changes in the protocol.
Under the http://teamcity:8111/app/rest/ URL the latest version is available.
Under http://teamcity:8111/app/rest/<version> URL, other versions CAN be available. Our general policy is to supply TeamCity with ONE previous version.
In TeamCity 7.x you can use "6.0" instead of <version> to get the previous version of the protocol.
In TeamCity 8.0 you can use "6.0" or "7.0" instead of <version> to get earlier versions of the protocol.

API Changes

Breaking changes in the API are described in Upgrade Notes sections of the corresponding TeamCity version documentation.
Please note that additions to the objects returned (such as new XML attributes or elements) are not considered major changes and do not cause the protocol version to increment.
Also, the endpoints marked with "Experiments" comment in application.wadl may change without special notice in future versions.


You can get details on errors and REST request processing in logs\teamcity-rest.log server log.
Please turn on debug logging (e.g. set Logging Preset to "debug-rest" on Administration/Diagnostics page or modify Log4J "" category) to get details about each processed request.


If you need to extend the plugin with your functionality, you can base your plugin on the current REST API plugin code, but make sure that your plugin does not interfere with the bundled REST plugin. To achieve this, change the teamcity-plugin.xml file to have a different plugin name and a different value for the "api.path" parameter. Once this is done, your patched plugin and the original REST api plugin can work in the single TeamCity installation.

TeamCity Versions Compatibility

TeamCity 5.0 and above. The plugin is branched with each TeamCity release. The corresponding plugin branch should be used.


Feel free to ask questions and provide feedback in our plugins forum.

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  1. Also a bit of details and curl command line description for build configuration editing in TW-8394
    On settings passwords for VCS roots: forum thread

  2. If you want to execute requests to REST API inside a TeamCity build running on the same server, you can use %teamcity.serverUrl% predefined parameter to construct URL:
    e.g. to pin the currently running build:
    curl –request PUT %teamcity.serverUrl%/httpAuth/app/rest/builds/ –basic –user %teamcity_user%:%teamcity_password%
    (teamcity_user and teamcity_password configuration parameters should be supplied)

  3. Is there a way to access individual tests?

  4. Is there a way to get build details but without "changes" part? Sometime XML become too huge with included changes.

  5. I didn't find a way to trigger a build here, but someone else pointed me here:

    Perhaps the above method should be added to this page.

  6. I have TeamCity 8.1.2  installed on a Windows Server 2012.

    Builds work fine.

    We like to use the TeamCity REST API.  How do we turn the TeamCity REST API on?  The 

    http://{{TeamCity Server}}:8111/api/rest   give us a 404.

    Is there a windows service that needs to be turned on for the REST API to be working?

    NOTE:  I am on the team city server when I try to access the TeamCity REST API.. 

    Any help would be great...


    1. Sean,

      The TeamCity REST API can be accessed via http://<Your TeamCity server URL>/app/rest (app, not api).  Please refer to the documentation for your TeamCity version.