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Jetbrains TeamCity is a distributed build management system that allows running and monitoring
build process and facilitates integration of changes.

Its features include:

  • Build grid (a single build server which distributes builds among several build agents).
  • Rich web interface to monitor build process.
  • Delayed commit and remote run features - allows to test your changes without commit to VCS and do real commit only on successful build
  • Pluggable build runners (Ant, Nant, Maven 2, Solution2003, Solution 2005).
  • Pluggable build monitoring and notification services (e-mail and Jabber notifications are supported so far).
  • Version control systems integration (Perforce, CVS, SVN).
  • TeamCity pluggable structure allows users to enrich its functionality via custom plugins (such as other build runners, VCS integration, notificators, etc).

Just like other JetBrains tools, Team Server is created by (and for) professional developers, and is used by our own people in their daily work. Currently Team Server runs IntelliJ IDEA, ReSharper, and even its own builds. Yes, we are eating our dog food again trying to make this new product as usable and useful as possible. Join the EAP and tell us what you think!

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