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  1. I am getting error when building the application

    The imported project "C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft\VisualStudio\v11.0\WebApplications\Microsoft.WebApplication.targets" was not found. Confirm that the path in the <Import> declaration is correct, and that the file exists on disk.

  2. Hi Julia , 

                 I am working on TeamCity 10 and trying to make a new custom versioning for each build , i created a PowerShell script for that to start before each build but it turn out that Assembly version number is different that version number in AssemplyFile.cs  , do you have any work around to solve this problem ??

    my e-mail :

  3. I am using TeamCity 2017.1, and i was wondering if there is a way to connect to a TC server (via command parameters) to publish back the results from a SBT command  if running a build step in a docker container inside a TC build agent? 

  4. Hi Manoj, you can add our plugin as a global plugin to your SBT installation or as a plugin for your project and provide environment variable with TeamCity version (name of the variable should be TEAMCITY_VERSION). The plugin will print messages which TeamCity can understand. I hope it helps. Regards, Kate

  5. I am getting error "Could not collect artifacts details from the spec: Unrecognized field 'explode'" when using specs to deploy artifacts to JFrog Artifactory instance.  The documentation, however, at indicates this is a valid field.  We are using TeamCity Enterprise 2017.1.3 (build 46961), but I have seen it working using 2017.1.4 (build 47070).  So I am guessing that it is only very recently added.  Is there a way to get file specs syntax for any given version?

  6. Hi, Im getting an error when trying to deploy my artifact.

    Any help will be appreciated.


    [12:38:51]Collecting changes in 1 VCS root
    [12:38:51][Collecting changes in 1 VCS root] VCS Root details
    [12:38:51][VCS Root details] "Ob" {instance id=13, parent internal id=3, parent id=Ob_Ob, description: "http://eris/scm/git/ob#refs/heads/develop"}
    [12:38:51]The build is removed from the queue to be prepared for the start
    [12:38:51]Starting the build on the agent http://localhost:8888
    [12:38:52]Clearing temporary directory: C:\BuildAgent\temp\buildTmp
    [12:38:52]Publishing internal artifacts
    [12:38:52][Publishing internal artifacts] Publishing 1 file using [ArtifactsCachePublisher]
    [12:38:52][Publishing internal artifacts] Publishing 1 file using [WebPublisher]
    [12:38:52]Checkout directory: C:\BuildAgent\work\81266a51f2e66bcc
    [12:38:52]Resolving artifact dependencies
    [12:38:52][Resolving artifact dependencies] Downloading files from <Ob :: AutomatedBuildPlan, build #3 [id 300]>
    [12:38:52][Resolving artifact dependencies] Downloading 1 artifact from <Ob :: AutomatedBuildPlan, build #3 [id 300]>
    [12:38:52][Resolving artifact dependencies] 1 file retrieved from <Ob :: AutomatedBuildPlan, build #3 [id 300]> for pattern [ob-4.1-SNAPSHOT.war]
    [12:38:52]Step 1/1: Deploy to localhost (Container Deployer)
    [12:38:52][Step 1/1] org.codehaus.cargo.container.ContainerException: Failed to create deployable with implementation class org.codehaus.cargo.container.tomcat.TomcatWAR for the parameters (container [id = [tomcat8x]], deployable type [war]). , root cause is C:\BuildAgent\work\81266a51f2e66bcc\3 (The system cannot find the file specified)
    [12:38:52][Step 1/1] Step Deploy to localhost (Container Deployer) failed
    [12:38:52]Publishing internal artifacts
    [12:38:52][Publishing internal artifacts] Publishing 1 file using [ArtifactsCachePublisher]
    [12:38:52][Publishing internal artifacts] Publishing 1 file using [WebPublisher]
    [12:38:52]Publishing artifacts (1s)
    [12:38:52][Publishing artifacts] Collecting files to publish: [ob-4.1-SNAPSHOT.war]
    [12:38:52][Publishing artifacts] Publishing 1 file using [ArtifactsCachePublisher]: ob-4.1-SNAPSHOT.war
    [12:38:52][Publishing artifacts] Publishing 1 file using [WebPublisher]: ob-4.1-SNAPSHOT.war
    [12:38:53]Unknown build problem reported on agent
    [12:38:53]Build finished
  7. Hi Team,

    I'm using TeamCity Professional 2017.2.3 (build 51047). In page "General Settings\Build number format", default value is "%build.counter%". I want to custom build number in datet format but don't how?

    Can you help me how to make this number in format #yyyy.MM.dd.BuildNuberOfDay#?

    Example of build number:


    1. #2018.06.26.0#
    2. #2018.06.26.1#
    3. #2018.06.26.2#

    And tomorrow will be:

    1. #2018.06.27.0#
    2. #2018.06.27.1#
    3. #2018.06.27.2#