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  • Gaya 8.0.2 (build 27482) Release Notes
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TeamCity 8.0.1 (build 27435) Release Notes
TeamCity 8.0 Release Notes


  • TW-25128 - Add command line of the waited external process to the thread name

Usability Problem

  • TW-29813 - IDEA plugin UI bloopers
  • TW-30034 - Regexp parameter type always requires non empty value


  • TW-20587 - .NET Inspections runner failed to resolve references to generated COM interop assemblies
  • TW-23283 - Popups may not be rendered fully in Chrome/Win
  • TW-26397 - Build Step .NET Code Inspection reports wrong XAML Errors
  • TW-28558 - Error in UI on running build: bean dependenciesBean not found within scope
  • TW-28735 - Perform 'git remote prune origin' in Git mirrors everyone run on agent
  • TW-28808 - Filter by tag does not work on configuration overview
  • TW-29325 - Android Studio +TeamCity plugin. Remote Run does not start build.
  • TW-29437 - Entering not valid target project id in copy dialog suggest invalid ids in the mapping
  • TW-29509 - Server health report loses context on deleting a VCS root
  • TW-29754 - Muted errors cause exception in TeamCity
  • TW-29890 - TeamCity shows that archive is empty while it is not
  • TW-29953 - Eclipse TeamCity plugin failed to push git changes after remote-run
  • TW-29996 - Could not build an Idea project: The data "null" is not legal for a JDOM attribute: A null is not a legal XML value.
  • TW-29999 - Build failed because Ant runner could not store file under C:\BuildAgent\temp\agentTmp
  • TW-30002 - Project-level statistics chart properties are reset on changing build configuration id
  • TW-30013 - Default project statistics are not shown (external id != internal id case)
  • TW-30023 - Link "show 1 more..." does not work in large build log health item
  • TW-30035 - After upgrade to v8.0.1 Cleanup takes a very long time on the BuildIndexCleaner (6-7 hours) stage
  • TW-30140 - Can't change the 'API Level' property for idea android build step
  • TW-30144 - Not applied changes are shown on the Configure chart axes dialog
  • TW-30147 - Strange positioning of "accept license agreement" form
  • TW-30157 - Negative size values on charts are always displayed in bytes
  • TW-30159 - Copy project should copy guest permissions
  • TW-30160 - Guest roles should be sorted by project name
  • TW-30165 - Improve texts - Meta-runner
  • TW-30186 - VCS root becomes detached from build configuration after ID change
  • TW-30188 - Compilation error on build overview tab has no information when expanded
  • TW-30189 - Unformatted server health page after deleting an unused vcs root
  • TW-30212 - "Discard your changes?" dialog appears multiple times on leaving VCS root edit page
  • TW-30213 - Message urging user to choose save option appears on edit VCS root attached to a project
  • TW-30220 - Cannot read property 'documentElement' of null when saving VCS root in Chrome
  • TW-30230 - External project id can be displayed to the user who do not have permissions to view the project (redirect from internal id case)
  • TW-30236 - Bundled java mail is outdated ("Could not connect to SMTP host, Network is unreachable: connect" under win7)
  • TW-30237 - Recursive configurations of the SVN externals can make TC server non-functional due to OOM errors
  • TW-30259 - java.lang.ClassCastException: jetbrains.buildServer.vcs.impl.VcsRootInstanceImpl$InaccessibleVcsRoot cannot be cast to jetbrains.buildServer.vcs.SVcsRootEx
  • TW-30265 - Artifact archive itself is copied to destination directory when extracting files
  • TW-30270 - buildTypesFilter tag should propagate external buildtype ids
  • TW-30273 - "Cannot read property: visibleChanges" error while opening a run custom build dialog
  • TW-30338 - LDAP sync disabled upon upgrade (space after "true" value in properties file)
  • TW-30399 - No validation errors are shown on build step editing page if selected runner is based on Meta-runner
  • TW-30415 - LDAP plugin creates/removes users during user synchronization, which breaks compatibility with 7.1.x
  • TW-30416 - NullPointerException in DiskUsageController
  • TW-30417 - Tray notifier login page broken when there is welcome text
  • TW-30423 - Only system administrator can stop build queue
  • TW-30441 - Default project statistics charts cannot be filtered by build configuration external id
  • TW-30468 - JavaScript error when empty Date is used in Date field on Build Schedule tab.
  • TW-30471 - NTLM auth fails for e-mail notification plugin
  • TW-30485 - Error collecting changes: IllegalArgumentException: Invalid id
  • TW-30644 - Editing roles-config.xml file on disk breaks user's groups roles propagation until server restart
  • TW-30647 - Missing project hierarchy nodes in test history build configuration filter
  • TW-30676 - TFS plugin from TeamCity 7.1.5 is not compatible with TeamCity8.0
  • TW-30698 - TFS operations may hung in Windows Server 2003
  • TW-30716 - LDAP sync could delete users in case of fatal error during users fetch
  • TW-30741 - No %-references completion for Meta-runner text values
  • TW-30770 - Incorrect client mapping generation for perforce when -:. is used


  • TW-30030 - Edit Build parameter -> Save -> Error message: String index out of range: -5

Performance Problem

  • TW-29891 - ResponsibilityRemover.buildFinished is too slow


  • TW-29396 - change Save dialog
  • TW-29968 - Compilation error text may duplicate in build problem description
  • TW-30029 - Incorrect message on remote run result dialog
  • TW-30164 - Improve texts on Builds Schedule and Shared Resources tabs
  • TW-30180 - Improve texts on the General Settings of the build configuration page
  • TW-30181 - Improve text on the VCS settings page
  • TW-30184 - Improve Texts on the New Build Step page: Ant, .NET, Command Line, Duplicates finder.NET
  • TW-30442 - Checkbox in the header of a table is not aligned with the checkboxes in the rows (Roles user's tab)
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