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  • Faradi 7.1 EAP (build 23373) Release Notes
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Support for NTLM HTTP authentication

The long standing and popular feature request to add support for transparent/single-sign-on NTLM HTTP authentication has now been implemented: TW-6885.

The feature works only if Windows domain authentication is used by TeamCity server and only for HTTP/web browser.

We are using Waffle library for the feature and, thus, it works only when TeamCity server is installed under Windows OS.

Read about enabling NTLM HTTP authentication in our documentation

Please also note that starting with this build TeamCity uses Waffle library for Windows Domain authentication instead of JCIFS.

Changes from artifact dependencies

TeamCity now reports changes in artifact dependencies in the way similar to VCS changes. For example, if TeamCity detects that a build uses new builds for its artifact dependencies (compared to previous build), these new builds will be shown in the changes popup:

Branches improvements

In the previous EAP we started displaying branch names in TeamCity web interface. Now you can filter shown builds, changes and issues by specific branch on build configuration page:

As you can see there is a selector with branch names, that allows you to select a specific branch you are interested in. This selection is then applied to overview, history, change log and issue log tabs.

There is also one more important improvement. Previously, changes for builds triggered by the "Remote run on branch" trigger included all changes from previous builds on the same branch. Since this EAP build, TeamCity shows only changes which affected this build, since previous build on the branch.

Support for Amazon EC2 EBS instances

Starting from this EAP TeamCity supports EBS-based images and instances. It is now possible to specify the Amazon Instance ID instead of Image ID in TeamCity cloud profile settings.
If image ID is specified, it is run as usual image and is terminated at the end.
If instance ID of a not running EBS-based instance is specified, it is resumed when there is a need for an agent and stopped at the end.

Ability to execute build steps after a failed step

In previous TeamCity versions, if your build consisted of several steps, TeamCity took a decision whether to continue build steps execution basing only on an exit code returned by the previous step. If a previous build step returned non-zero exit code, TeamCity won't execute the subsequent steps at all. As it turned out this simple logic was too simple for many of our customers: TW-13682.

In this EAP we added an option that allows for running a build step even if previous one has failed or the build was canceled by a user. See "Execute step:" setting:

Support for .rvmrc in "Ruby environment configurator" build feature

Ruby Environment Configurator build feature is now able to configure environment for the subsequent build steps from the .rvmrc file, see: TW-14493.

Checkout on label in Perforce integration

In Perforce VCS root settings you can now specify the P4 label to use for sources checkout. Changes between the builds using labels are shown for information purposes only and are accurate only if the label was moved from one revision to another revision without label application to specific files.

Related issues in the tracker: TW-11070 and TW-5061.

Other improvements

  • Server's usage statistics now shows statistics about browsers used to access TeamCity server pages.
  • Counters are shown for a number of configured build parameters, triggers, dependencies and requirements in the right sidebar on build configuration editing pages.
  • Several fixes in Subversion integration, SVNKit library updated to 1.7.4-v2.
  • Windows user name and password are no longer exposed when you install the build agent service from Windows installer (TW-6425).
  • Server startup logic behind startup screens has been reworked to be more robust.

See also full list of resolved issues (\{Faradi+7.1+EAP+%2823373%29\}+-\{trunk+issue\}+%23fixed++-Documentation&title=Faradi+7.1+EAP+%2823373%29+Release+Notes&verbose=false) in the issue tracker.

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