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  • Faradi 7.1 EAP (build 23254) Release Notes
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This is the first EAP build of TeamCity 7.1 (code name Faradi). TeamCity 7.1 is planned for the middle of June.

Current problems on overview page

In order to make the overview page more usable for those who have to monitor problems in many build configurations we started showing current problems for build configurations right on the overview page. To avoid clutter, problems are only shown if build configuration is collapsed:

Note that if your browser does not have enough horizontal space TeamCity will tune problems presentation accordingly:

Also note that similar to queued build, information about currently running builds can be seen in popup too, i.e. there is no need to expand build configuration.

Sticky investigation

Usually if an investigation is assigned for a build configuration or for a test, it is automatically removed once the build configuration becomes green or the test passes.
But sometimes it is not convenient. For example, if a test fails from time to time (so called flickering test), investigation will be removed, however such test can't be considered fixed.
To allow better management of such problems we introduced manual mode for investigation resolving. When you assign an investigation you can select how you want it to be resolved: automatically, or manually:

Own investigation highlighting

The same way highlighting of user changes works across the TeamCity web interface, if an investigation is assigned to you and is shown somewhere in the web UI, such investigation will be highlighted:

This highlighting is controlled by the same user profile setting, which is used for changes highlighting, the setting is called: Highlight my changes and investigations.

Version Control Repository browser

In several places in build step settings, where a path to a build script can be specified, a small icon appeared: . By clicking on this icon you'll be presented with a VCS repository browser allowing you to choose a file in repository.

At the moment this functionality is only available for build configurations with Git, Mercurial, Subversion and Perforce VCS roots, but we also plan to add TFS and maybe others to this list.

Branch names are shown for builds

If a build is triggered by Remote Run on branch trigger, TeamCity now associates branch name with such a build. These branch names are then shown for running builds or for builds in history. Also, you can filter builds by branch name.

Clean checkout issue for builds from branches

If you are using Git or Mercurial and Remote Run on branch trigger you probably noticed this issue:
Finally, we've implemented a fix and it is available in this EAP.

Insignificant changes in VCS roots of other version control systems supported by TeamCity will no longer cause clean checkout. For example, if you change labeling settings in Subversion VCS root, or password, TeamCity won't enforce clean checkout for the next build after the change.

IntelliJ IDEA plugin improvements

Tests can now be easily muted and unmuted right from IntelliJ IDEA plugin.

We also added one experimental feature to plugin. Now you can enable showing of test statuses from the server right in the IntelliJ IDEA editor (see TeamCity -> Test Status menu option).
If a class with tests is opened in editor, TeamCity plugin will try to find these tests on the server and present you with current test status: passed, failed, muted or under investigation.
The feature is experimental and we're not sure it will be included into the final 7.1 release. We would appreciate any feedback on it.

New service implementation for TeamCity server

Service which is used to start TeamCity web application on Windows was re-implemented in order to fix several annoying issues.

Starting from this release, all TeamCity server JVM options are stored exactly in the same way as for commandline execution mode. That is in the environment variables.

Issues covered: TW-6450, TW-7467 (for server only), TW-12704, TW-14725, TW-15071, TW-15426, TW-17130, TW-18734, TW-20421

Please note that this is still work in progress. If you run TeamCity as a Windows service the location of TeamCity Data Directory should be carefully checked and future upgrades can have variances in the directory detection logic.


  • Several cosmetic changes applied all over the whole web interface.
  • MSSQL 2012 is now supported.
  • Filter to show unused VCS roots added on global VCS roots page.
  • Number of re-try attempts can now be specified in Retry build trigger.
  • Add AssemblyFileVersion field added to AssemblyInfo patcher build feature
  • Improved agent disk free space cleaning.
  • Ability to navigate to corresponding place in the build log from the failed test popup.
  • fixed issues
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