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  • Faradi 7.0.4 (build 21474) Release Notes
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  • TW-21111 - Ability to fail a build based on statements dotCover coverage with fail build on metric failure condition


  • TW-20387 - IE8: Javascript stackoverflow in Run Custom Build Dialog
  • TW-20832 - IE8 stack overflow when creating config from template
  • TW-20973 - .Net Duplicates checker cannot find file (ClearCase vcs)
  • TW-21149 - SVN+SSH Error: Sorry, this connection is closed
  • TW-21323 - Trying to check out invalid revision from SVN
  • TW-21465 - Build agent property maven.repo.local is ignored
  • TW-21523 - Harmful clean checkouts with checkout on agent + multiple VCS roots
  • TW-21536 - After upgrade from 5.1.4 to 7.0.2: lost archive names in Report Tabs setup on the project level
  • TW-21551 - BuildCheckoutTime statistics value can be larger then total build duration
  • TW-21567 - Eclipse plugin pre-tested commit comment cannot contain multiple line
  • TW-21570 - Strangeness in build parameter use when using the Run button.
  • TW-21586 - CVS tagging mistakenly takes into account quiet period specified in VCS root settings
  • TW-21645 - ClearCase VCS root version changes with no corresponding "create version" action in monitored path
  • TW-21747 - Git plugin doesn't work if user name in VCS root settings contains a backslash
  • TW-21749 - "Tests" tab throws ELException: Cannot convert suite of type class java.lang.String to class java.lang.Long
  • TW-21755 - IDEA plugin is not compatible with IDEA 12 EAP builds: NoSuchFieldError: path
  • TW-21844 - Backward compatibility broken in test-unit gem version 2.4.9. Rake-runner fails to run.
  • TW-21870 - TeamCity stops responding when I add a <graph> element to main-config.xml
  • TW-21879 - TeamCity occasionally checks out old revisions (No such revision)
  • TW-21897 - Don't show plugin update message when modal dialog is active
  • TW-21931 - Build Agent fails with OOM during code inspection
  • TW-21948 - Pager navigation is broken on Dependencies tab of the build
  • TW-21985 - Inspections runner takes extremely long to launch IDEA (>45min)
  • TW-22001 - Artifact dependencies cache spends lots of time checking for artifact update
  • TW-22116 - A user with system administrator role can lose all its roles on server restart: error in roles-config.xml
  • TW-22134 - Perforce changelist description is not reflecting in VS Addin
  • TW-22158 - Zip64RequiredException during backup if exported table size is more than 4Gb
  • TW-22309 - Not all processes could be killed on stop build or Swabra
  • TW-22424 - TC 7.0.3 Server is hanging periodically on a blocked db query


  • TW-21656 - Failure during upgrade from 6.5 to 7.0

Performance Problem

  • TW-20785 - Loading build commiters cache can take a very long time
  • TW-21581 - "Remote run outgoing changes" builds the list of patches in EDT
  • TW-21670 - Build dependencies tab can slowdown opening of other tabs on build page
  • TW-22218 - Server won't start with "Communications link failure" error on huge build_type_vcs_change table.


  • TW-21350 - Typo in "assigned for test failures" mail
  • TW-21470 - Inconsistent icons and investigation styles on overview page
  • TW-22414 - Incorrect spelling in the message "This build is waiting for an agent where it's dependency has been built."
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