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  • Faradi 7.0.2 (build 21349) Release Notes
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  • TW-20929 - Add ability to disable server free disk space watcher


  • TW-10384 - "Insert property" popup icon can hide the text behind it
  • TW-18102 - JavaScript injection in build status text
  • TW-18403 - SVN checkout fails with java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 65533
  • TW-19649 - TeamCity Server Startup Error
  • TW-20387 - IE8: Javascript stackoverflow in Run Custom Build Dialog
  • TW-20490 - Gradle build step: "JVM command line parameters" have no effect
  • TW-20689 - CVS Integration does not collect changes if quiet period in VCS root settings is set to a high value
  • TW-20692 - Highlight my changes does not work for changes from dependencies
  • TW-20782 - NPE on opening VCS usernames for a user
  • TW-20786 - "Failed to plug downloaded package to.. " error on NuGet.Commandline install
  • TW-20790 - Build can be marked as out of changes sequence if there are two VCS root instances with the same settings
  • TW-20806 - Slow REST response on builds lists (build tags listing case)
  • TW-20873 - Unexpected error: java.lang.NullPointerException during rules applying
  • TW-20875 - MSBuild/Sln runner may issue warning on fail to overwrite file in temp
  • TW-20900 - Wrong "Build is outdated" message
  • TW-20923 - TeamCity can start to collect changes from some very old revision
  • TW-20941 - Newlines are stripped from command line arguments even if argument is surrounded by quotes
  • TW-20945 - Problem With Nuget Dependency Trigger
  • TW-20990 - Exception is thrown on attempt to visit build configuration page without build steps


  • TW-20777 - Failed to update OpenInBrowserAction when user is logged out

Performance Problem

  • TW-20663 - Slow Subversion 1.7 Format Checkout
  • TW-20920 - Stop using cglib proxies for build configurations
  • TW-20921 - Build configuration pending changes cache can consume significant amount of memory


  • TW-16457 - Safari: bad placement of completion icon
  • TW-17944 - Parameters references icon clashes with scroll in text area
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