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  • Faradi 7.0 EAP (build 20939) Release Notes
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User interface changes

We have significantly modified TeamCity user interface in this EAP build, and we encourage you to share your feedback on it with us.

New Administration page

Starting with this EAP, TeamCity Administration page has a new look which was designed to meet several requirements, such as:

  • provide more logical navigation in administration area;
  • become more extensible for the future changes;
  • simplify access (less number of clicks) to often used administration areas.

"First failed in / fixed in" presentation for failed test

When a failed test's stacktrace is expanded you can not only see the stacktrace itself, but also details about first failure of this test in this build configuration:

The same information is shown on Current Problems and Investigation pages as well. Note that if test fails in more than one build configuration you can see all of them:

Bulk mode has been removed

We decided to always show check boxes near test names instead of asking user to switch to bulk mode explicitly.

Build summary popup

While staying on build log sometimes it is necessary to see build summary, now you can easily access it from each build tab.

Numerous usability improvements

  • Run build button reworked, you should see the difference if you run custom builds often.
  • Vertical space used by a single build configuration on overview page has been reduced.
  • Submit and cancel buttons were redesigned in forms and dialogs.
  • Instead of version control username TeamCity now shows TeamCity user name.
  • Additional setting on your profile allows you to see personal builds of other users.
  • Experimental, feedback needed! all projects popup shows projects you see on overview page before others, allowing faster navigation for frequently used projects and configurations.

Changes from dependencies

On build configuration home page there is a check box which enables showing of changes from dependencies. If enabled, this setting affects all of the pages where build configuration changes are shown, i.e:

  • build & pending changes
  • changes popup
  • change log
  • issue log

Typed parameters

We significantly improved usability of typed parameters, as well as added new parameter types.
Currently you can use the following types:

  • simple text field with ability to validate its value using regular expression
  • password field
  • check box
  • select control

Note: values of password parameters will be hidden from build log, and from Build Parameters tab of the build. Also it is impossible to see values of these parameters in custom build dialog. In configuration files such parameters are stored in scrambled form.

All parameters support a number of common properties, such as:

  • label - some text which should be shown near the control
  • description - some text that is shown below the control containing explanatory note of the control use
  • do not show parameter in custom run dialog option - if set, this parameter will be hidden from custom run dialog
  • request user confirmation for parameter option - if set, then custom build dialog will be shown on each manual build triggering, allowing to review parameters, which should be sent to a build

Agent hardware information

Plugin providing information about agent hardware was available for quite some time (see We decided that it is useful enough to bundle it with TeamCity distribution.
The plugin provides several parameters:

  • teamcity.agent.hardware.memorySizeMb - agent physical memory
  • teamcity.agent.hardware.cpuCount - number of CPUs (cores) on agent
  • - available free space in Mb on a disk where agent work directory resides, updated on every build finish

Other improvements

  • separate field for include / exclude patterns for Java Inspections & Duplicates runners
  • file patterns are now supported for artifacts cleanup
  • bundled Tomcat updated to version 7.0.23
  • for builds in the queue agent compatibility is calculated per build settings, i.e. it takes into account custom parameters set in the build
  • graph of changes is available on project change log too
  • it is now possible to browse archives inside other archives
  • new option added to custom build dialog: "clean all files in checkout directory before build"
  • VCS username, default for all of the types of version controls, can be specified on user profile
  • Fixed issues (\{Faradi+7.0+EAP+%2820939%29}+-\{trunk+issue}+-Task&title=TeamCity+7.0+EAP+%28build+20939%29&verbose=false)
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