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  • Faradi 7.0 EAP (build 20702) Release Notes
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My Investigations

In previous versions of TeamCity it was hard to find all investigations assigned to current user. With this EAP it has become much easier.

Note there is a little box with a number near my name. This number shows how many investigations are assigned to me. Click on this number opens "My Investigations" page with detailed information.

Artifacts browsing

It is now super easy to browse inside artifact archives right from the TeamCity web interface. Supported archive types are: .zip, .jar, .war, .ear, .tar, .tar.gz, .apk. Note that browsing in archives inside other archive is not supported.

Also you can download a file from archive using new URL syntax:

See more on this in our documentation

Because of this it is much easier to configure project report tabs, as you do not need to specify "Base Path" anymore.

Agent pools

Filter by agent pool in build queue

If your projects can be built by agents of a single pool and this pool builds your projects only, ability to filter queue by pool becomes really handy, as you really do not need to see all other projects in the queue in this case, they won't affect your agents pool anyway.

Group by agent pool on Agent Matrix and Agent Statistics pages

If you want to see aggregated statistics by some agent pool, you can do it on the Agent Matrix page.

Grouping by pools added on Agent Statistics page as well.

Compatibility pages redesigned

We added grouping by projects on agent compatible configurations page.

And on the build configuration compatible agents page we added grouping by agent pool.

Other agent pool related improvements

  • Pool name and OS icon are shown near the agent name
  • Agent pools page is available for non-admin users in read only mode


New option "Show changes in dependencies" on change log will show you all of the changes across your snapshot dependencies.

Also, as you probably know we started showing complete snapshot dependency graphs in the previous EAP. In this EAP presentation of graphs has been improved significantly.

Currently there are three places where you can see such graphs:

  • Dependencies tab of a build: it shows all build chains using this build
  • Dependencies tab of a change: it shows all build chains with builds affected by this change
  • Dependencies tab of a build configuration: it shows all build chains where builds of this build configuration participated

If you use snapshot dependencies, we would appreciate your feedback on these features.

R# Inspections

We made a number of improvements in several areas:

  • LINQ usages
  • Silverlight projects
  • External annotations usages (NUnit)
    (already described in this post).
  • Web Site, Asp.NET MVC projects
  • CSS, JavaScript, HTML inspections were improved as well.

Enable / disable settings in build configuration

Finally you've got a handy way to temporary or permanently disable some setting in build configuration. The feature works for build steps, build triggers, build features and build failure conditions.
Note that you can disable inherited settings too.

TeamCity as NuGet server

TeamCity now can act as NuGet server serving NuGet packages published to TeamCity as regular TeamCity artifacts.
When a build publishes NuGet package as artifact it is automatically added to NuGet feed.

This feature needs to be enabled explicitly on Administration -> Server Configuration -> NuGet tab.

Note, current implementation of NuGet shows all found packages within TeamCity installation. Access rights are only checked on downloading packages bits. There is a related issue for it at TW-19157.

Usability improvements

Restyled diff view

Note that we also added "Copy to clipboard" links for both panels.

Quick navigation

Now there is a handy way to switch to different build configuration (works for build configuration home page and for build configuration administration area):

Other improvements

  • All projects popup now supports filtering by build configuration name, additionally to filtering by project
  • Current user changes are highlighted in the changes popup
  • Better error reporting in issue tracker integration

Complete list of fixed issues

fixed issues (}+-%7Btrunk+issue}+-Task+-%7BEluru+6.5.5+%2818087%29}&title=TeamCity+7.0+%28build+20702%29&verbose=false)

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