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  • Eluru 6.5.3 (build 17985) Release Notes
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  • TW-17717 - Add server version and build number to Unexpected error message

Usability Problem

  • TW-14396 - Browser (FireFox) suggests to remember maintenance mode authentication token


  • TW-12352 - Agent can hang after OutOfMemory while trying to send messages to the server
  • TW-12724 - Can't stop running build (hanging MSSQL connection)
  • TW-14981 - UnknownHostException on TeamCity server start
  • TW-16480 - In case agent cannot be installed as a service, report this but run the agent without service
  • TW-16576 - Duplicates-runner causes SQL Server 2008 deadlock when run concurrently with other build-configs running duplicates-runners
  • TW-17522 - Typing in filtering drop-down selects unpredictable items by default
  • TW-17568 - Build might be not stopped on execution timeout
  • TW-17584 - Cannot use agent push to Windows XP: "Found existing 'TCBuildAgent' Service"
  • TW-17586 - Teamcity fails to resolve artifact dependency for artifact name containing '.teamcity'
  • TW-17589 - Add "last finished with specified tag" to project report tab dialog
  • TW-17620 - .Net process runner: allow to specify working directory
  • TW-17626 - Tail mode for build log is not shown for running build
  • TW-17648 - Remove "Remote run outgoing changes" from popup menu shown for concrete change list
  • TW-17657 - Amazon profile editing: "hasRegion is not defined"
  • TW-17658 - Deadlock in Code coverage subsystem
  • TW-17661 - [eclipse plugin & svn] one user who have no permission to commit code into SVN repository use eclipse plugin to pre-tested commit the changes ,but the fanal status is (commited) not (commit failed))
  • TW-17674 - TeamCity doesn't subsitute values for IDEA path variables in certain fields of Run Configurations
  • TW-17675 - Error for not-yet-upgraded and build running agent after upgrade (AgentDetailsDescription.getOperatingSystemName must not return null)
  • TW-17678 - JS alert on My Changes
  • TW-17679 - Build might not fail if test fails, while it should (specific build fail options)
  • TW-17689 - VS addin: Failed to collect pending changes in Subversion
  • TW-17694 - Unexpected Error when viewing changed files
  • TW-17699 - ClearCase labeling fails in 6.5.1
  • TW-17709 - maven.project.version parameter is not resolved
  • TW-17710 - Changing Changes Checking Interval in VCS root settings requires server restart
  • TW-17711 - XML report processing (NUnit) keeps hoding file handle
  • TW-17755 - <deleted VCS root> prefix in deleted Mercurial VCS root grows on each page refresh
  • TW-17756 - Memory leak
  • TW-17761 - Compilation warnings are displayed as errors.
  • TW-17764 - Erroneous compilation failure
  • TW-17769 - "My Changes" link does not work
  • TW-17776 - NoClassDefFoundError: groovy/lang/GroovyObject during Inspections after upgrade to 6.5.2
  • TW-17795 - NPE in AntMessagesProcessor.isTimeoutMessage
  • TW-17804 - Viewing build logs as guest displays only "You do not have enough permissions to edit own settings"


  • TW-17603 - Exception in IDEA plugin
  • TW-17644 - Exception of type 'JetBrains.Application.Progress.ProcessCancelledException' was thrown.


  • TW-17629 - Typo in MSBuild warning - "MSBuild command line parameters contains "/property:" or "/p:" parameters. Please use Build Parameteres instead."
  • TW-17668 - Poor wording in notification settings
  • TW-17750 - TeamCity web UI, "Associate with Template" dialog contains a misprint
  • TW-17767 - Let's use gray color for ignored tests comments
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