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  • Eluru 6.5.1 (build 17834) Release Notes
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  • TW-17039 - Support TeamCity plugin update in Eclipse 3.7

Usability Problem

  • TW-16521 - Select/Deselect All for bulk tests mute
  • TW-17107 - Duplicates finder (.NET) configuration is misleading
  • TW-13597 - Visible build configurations option set on overview page should be kept on project overview tab


  • TW-12390 - Using "-recurse" parameter for "lshistory" ClearCase command can fail
  • TW-16502 - Mute popup shows current mute info, when there are no current mute info
  • TW-16748 - Error in IDEA plugin running under JDK 1.6.0_21 (or 1.7): Cannot construct jetbrains.buildServer.users.UserData as it does not have a no-args constructor
  • TW-16798 - Build Configuration doesn't fail on "Failed to start" errors
  • TW-16843 - doesn't work
  • TW-16981 - Do not log complicated exception if failed to run .NET test runner
  • TW-17025 - Error on copying a build configuration in another project: InvalidVcsRootScopeException: VCS root 'YYY' is not accessible from the build configuration: XXX
  • TW-17078 - Conversion exception in SecureSMTPSettingsConverter
  • TW-17094 - Upgrade to 6.5: RemoveUnusedTestNamesConverter takes too long time
  • TW-17100 - Exception on MyChanges page
  • TW-17110 - Xml test reporter fails to detect NUnit suite in case of abnormal termination
  • TW-17113 - Hiding of the build configurations does not work on Project page
  • TW-17120 - Cleanup takes hours after upgrading to 6.5 (Oracle database)
  • TW-17135 - No coverage statistics values reported for NCover3
  • TW-17155 - NPE in ResponsibilityFacadeImpl.convertToTestNameEntry
  • TW-17164 - Assembly Info patcher does not patch versions in managed VC++ and VB projects
  • TW-17181 - action.html?add2Queue environment variables are no longer set correctly
  • TW-17182 - NPE on test details page
  • TW-17183 - "Start investigation" command is available for guest on overview page
  • TW-16570 - Parameters are not resolved while creating build configuration
  • TW-16766 - TFS - Failed to create an IPC Port: Access is denied
  • TW-16980 - EMMA Coverage support: Eclipse plugin does not show coverage info for blocks
  • TW-16992 - Same custom data storage can be reused for build triggers even if triggers have different parameters
  • TW-17001 - Custom build strips newline characters from build parameters
  • TW-17035 - UNC target path causes artifact resolving failure
  • TW-17060 - MSBuild/solution runner does not work if project path starts with /
  • TW-17072 - DotCover filters can no longer use templated properties
  • TW-17073 - On associating a project with a complex template, the details of the first field is hidden.
  • TW-17147 - AssemblyInfo Patcher doesn't patch any files and doesn't log anything
  • TW-17162 - Exception on saving StarTeam VCS root with reference in URL
  • TW-14474 - Clicking on "View Help" question mark in IE8 causes main browser window follow the help link
  • TW-16474 - Agent push dialog may not update on platform choosing
  • TW-16606 - Display build step names for build configurations on Project administration page
  • TW-16860 - .NET Framework detection should check files under found .NET folders
  • TW-16995 - Cannot collect code coverage with IDEA coverage: Class not found: Class not found
  • TW-17010 - Argument 0 for @NotNull parameter of jetbrains/buildServer/serverSide/systemProblems/SystemProblem.<init> must not be null
  • TW-17054 - Build artifacts tree may not update if buid artifacts are changed during the build
  • TW-17066 - Cannot modify build parameter when it's inherited from both template and project
  • TW-17074 - CommandLine runner environment variable selection disappears after selecting script then reverting to executable
  • TW-17092 - Autocompletion in run custom build dialog stops working after dialog close and subsequent re-open
  • TW-17114 - Project parameter inheritance is broken after project copying
  • TW-17119 - Script file setting does not work properly with environment/system properties
  • TW-16369 - Broken link to help topic in the login dialog
  • TW-17059 - Databases Properties Table / MS SQL: jdbc version mismatch (between text and link)


  • TW-16894 - MSTest runner stopped working
  • TW-15441 - Index was outside the bounds of the array.
  • TW-16808 - Length cannot be less than zero. Parameter name: length
  • TW-17042 - EA-27945 - NSME: IDEAActivator.suggestPatchFileName
  • TW-17089 - EA-28038 - assert: MarkupModelImpl.<init>

Performance Problem

  • TW-16465 - Memory leak on build queue page
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