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  • Eluru 6.5 EAP (build 17521) Release Notes
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Projects administration

Parameter references in VCS roots

TeamCity now supports parameter references in text fields in VCS root settings (except password fields). This way you can have a VCS root shared among several projects and customize it significantly in certain build configurations. It is also possible to start custom build and change some VCS parameter which, for example, affects a branch name. But in this case it is recommended to run such build as personal build so that it won't affect build history for other users.

Artifact dependency on a build tag

You can now configure artifact dependency on a build with given tag. You can enter new tag value, or choose existing. When resolving artifact dependency, TeamCity will search for the last successful build with given tag and use its artifacts.

Disk Space build feature

We continue adding various build features which can provide some useful functionality for your builds. In this EAP we added Disk Space build feature which is able to check whether an agent has disk space required for the build, and if not, to delete some files on agent (like inactive checkout directories of other projects, artifact dependencies caches and so on) to satisfy build disk space requirements.

Agents administration

Agents JVM upgrade

TeamCity code base is evolving. Right now TeamCity server and agents can work under Java 1.5, but at some point we can decide to switch to Java 1.6 or later. Such switch is good not only for us, TeamCity developers, but for our users too, because some of the Java 1.6 features can finally provide additional functionality for TeamCity users. Not to mention that usually more recent versions of Java are faster than previous versions. It is not a problem to upgrade Java used by the server, but it is not so easy to upgrade Java used by agents, simply because there can be a lot of them.

In this EAP we added a feature which can simplify task of agent Java upgrade. TeamCity is able to detect version of Java used by the agent and offer a switch to Java 1.6 if such Java is found on the agent.

Agents parameters report

With the help of this report administrator can find which agents have particular property and with which values.

User interface

Responsibility is renamed to investigation

Based on feedback from our users we decided to rename "Responsibility" to "Investigation". The main reason for such rename is to avoid unnecessary friction in teams when someone assigns other developer as responsible. To our opinion term "Investigation" sounds more polite.

Tests grouping and bulk mode

We added tests grouping on build results. Now it is possible to switch between grouped view and plain view with short stacktraces.

Additionally, bulk mode was added to facilitate bulk operations with tests (bulk mute or bulk investigation). Note that bulk mode is available from all of the places where grouped tests are shown.

Now you can mark tests as fixed without having to assign yourself as an investigator first. Also, you can assign tests for investigation and mute them at the same time, so that subsequent builds won't be affected by these tests failures.

Parameters of the finished build

Now, when build finishes it publishes parameters used by this build. These include all configuration parameters, system properties and environment variables.
Additionally parameters completion now works on Properties tab in "Run custom build" dialog.

New automatic test unmute options

Automatic unmute has got two new options:

  • unmute test on a specific date
  • unmute test when it is fixed

IntelliJ IDEA plugin

Custom build dialog is improved in IDEA plugin. It supports multiline parameters properly and has nice highlighting to distinguish parameter names and values.

Visual Studio Addin

dotCover integration

We continue improving integration of TeamCity and JetBrains dotCover. In addition to coverage report, displayed on the Web UI, we make it possible to download generated snapshot itself from the server and open it with dotCover locally without leaving Visual Studio.

Code highlighting, browsing snapshot details with coverage results browser window are available for downloaded snapshots.

Note: show covering tests feature won't work for such snapshots.

Also you could specify directory where all downloaded snapshots will be stored. To do this, please go to the dotCover integration options page.

To use this feature you should install one of dotCover 1.1 nightly builds to your Visual Studio. dotCover 1.1 beta is not supported.

Filtering by the open solution

Now, it is possible to filter content of MyChanges tool window and dotCover snapshots created on TeamCity server by the currently opened solution. To make this work, local VCS settings should correspond to VCS roots configured on TeamCity server.

Configuration parameters support

In addition to System Properties and Environment Variables now it is possible to customize Configuration parameters for personal build.

Other improvements

You can now navigate to the file (or directory) directly from Local Changes tool window.

It is possible to use standard Window Explorer or any custom tool for this.

Other improvements

  • Ability to configure dependencies artifacts cleanup option in default cleanup rule
  • Thread dumps for .NET 4.0 processes are supported
  • Ability to hide configurations right from the Projects overview page (without need to open "Configure visible build configurations" dialog)
  • Build step name is now displayed in build log
  • TeamCity should not update timestamps of downloaded artifacts if artifacts were not changed since the previous build in the same directory
  • IntelliJ IDEA project runner now supports tests reordering (for JUnit and TestNG test frameworks)
  • Amazon EC2 profile configuration pages reworked
  • .NET Process Runner added to run any .Net Assembly under selected .NET Framework version and platform, optionally with .NET code coverage
  • Ability to publish parameters from the build to be seen on UI or used in other builds via dep. references. Available via ##teamcity[setParameter name='' value='my dearest value'] service message
  • Sending test investigation notifications grouped instead of one per message
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