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  • Eluru 6.0 EAP (build 15509) Release Notes
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My Changes page

A lot of fixes and improvements were introduced in the "My changes" page. The most noticeable improvements are:

  • the ability to see changes related to a project
  • simpler per build configuration filtering of the build problems

Your feedback is welcome.

Separate build runners for MSTest and NUnit

NUnit test settings and MSTest test settings were finally transformed to complete build runners. Read more on it in our blog.

.NET parameters reported as configuration parameters.

We removed various DotNetFramework* system properties and made corresponding configuration parameters. This means these parameters won't be passed to your build anymore. If you relied on them, you can define your own system property or environment variable with a reference on new configuration parameter set as a value.

Collapsible build log

We have a really old feature request in our tracker: TW-2. And we are really glad to close it. From now on, you can see the whole build log of the finished build as a tree of messages. This way you can easier find long stages in your build and analyze them.

Because of the log format changes, this feature is only available for the new builds.

TeamCity usage statistics

We are grateful for your constant feedback: bugs, feature requests, suggestions, all of this is very important for us. But we also need some raw statistics data to measure how TeamCity features are used. For this, we added one more tab to the Administration -> Server configuration area. The tab is called "Usage statistics". The statistics shown on this page can be of some interest for our users too, because it shows some absolute values, like a number of IDE plugins, or average build duration, or the most popular pages.

But still the primary purpose of this page is the ability to send your statistics data to us. Don't worry, this EAP build won't send your data, this part of feature is still in development. Moreover, we'll never send anything until you agree to share data with us. And finally, you'll always be able to review data to be shared on the "Usage statistics" page. We want to make this as transparent as possible.

Gradle runner

We included Gradle runner plugin into the TeamCity distribution. The plugin is based on source code provided by Gradle community. Currently it's in the early alpha stage, but still it can be useful. At least this plugin is already able to build itself with help of Gradle build script.


  • Ability to add build steps to template based build configurations
  • REST API now allows to create new user accounts and retrieve running builds
  • Compilation errors view in Eclipse plugin
  • Ability to assign responsibility to other users from Eclipse plugin
  • Re-run failed tests from IntelliJ IDEA plugin using JUnit or TestNG
  • IntelliJ IDEA engine based code coverage added for IntelliJ IDEA project runner
  • IntelliJ IDEA project runner is able to build projects with GWT facets
  • IntelliJ IDEA X is now bundled with TeamCity instead of IDEA 9.x, and as a result JDK 1.6 is required to run Inspections and Duplicates runners
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