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  • Eluru 6.0 EAP (build 15400) Release Notes
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See full list of changes in our tracker.

New concept for My Changes page

We are ready to present a new concept of the My Changes page.

This is not the final design, and many things may change, but we hope we are moving to the right direction. A couple of notes:

  • previously we showed a status of the change using one icon, but it proved to be unusable with increasing number of build configurations; we decided to change appearance for the status of builds in build configurations, and we definitely need your feedback, whether it is useful or not
  • keyboard navigation works on this page, so you can quickly navigate to a change and view a brief summary of the change results

Please share your thoughts with us, especially if you still prefer to use old My Changes page.

Several usability improvements in web UI

Keyboard navigation in All Projects popup

With help of keyboard navigation you can now quickly choose necessary project or build configuration in the All projects popup (available from the Projects tab).

Drop downs with embedded filter

In many places we added drop downs with filtering support. This is especially useful, if you need to find something in the long list (for example, specific build configuration). Just type in the drop down, and it will quickly find the necessary element.

Date picker for Agents Matrix and Statistics tabs

We added date picker for the date fields on the agent matrix and statistics pages.

Responsibility management improvements

Assign responsibility for several tests at once

Now it is possible to assign responsibility for several tests at once from web UI. Note that in this case only one notification will be sent.

My responsibilities tab in IntelliJ IDEA plugin

Once you are assigned a responsibility for some failure, you'll see it on the "My responsibilities" tab right in the IntelliJ IDEA IDE. From this tab you can also mark tests as fixed.

Re-run failed tests from VS-Addin (if R# is installed)

If you have ReSharper 5.0 and later installed, you can re-run tests failed in the TeamCity build locally, on your PC.

Summary view for server-provided coverage in Eclipse plugin

Use "<Main Menu>/TeamCity/Code Coverage Data..." to open Code Coverage Data selector. Choose any TeamCity build configuration with coverage data. You'll see coverage summary information and code highlighting in the editor:

View/Compare personal patch content in Eclipse plugin

Now it's possible to compare personal patch content with workspace resources.

Other improvements

  • Backup files can now be downloaded from the web UI
  • NUnit 2.5.6 & 2.5.7 support added
  • Several fixes and improvements in Multiple build runners feature
    • "build runner" renamed to "build step", let us know if it is confusing term
    • web UI for build steps administration improved
  • Various bugfixes in the new IntelliJ IDEA project runner
  • Stacktraces and file paths highlighting (with navigation) in build log opened in IntelliJ IDEA plugin
  • Build compilation errors are opened in separate tab in IntelliJ IDEA plugin (with navigation)
  • IntelliJ IDEA 6 is no longer supported by TeamCity plugin for IntelliJ IDEA
  • Custom build started from custom run dialog can be marked as personal build
  • Server Logs and Diagnostics tabs in the Administration -> Server Configuration area are merged
  • Registered agents parameters were added to the available parameters popup
  • Tests are now clickable on the responsibilities tab
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