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  • Darjeeling 5.1 EAP (build 13245) Release Notes
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Build triggers UI rewritten

As we coming closer to the 5.1 release, we concentrate more on bugfixes, rather than feature requests. Nevertheless, this EAP contains one significant improvement which makes build configuration templates more useful. In TeamCity 5.0 it was impossible to add/enable triggers to build configurations based on a template. Now this restriction is removed. Additional triggers can be added, moreover build triggers UI has been rewritten.

Also build triggers are now pluggable, i.e. it is possible to add custom build trigger with custom web UI, read more.

Other improvements

  • ability to run personal build with custom parameters from Eclipse plugin
  • more improvements in notification templates
  • added support for NAnt 0.90 alpha 1
  • same archive name can be specified multiple times in the right part of the artifacts settings, i.e.:
    **/*.html =>
    **/*.css =>!/css/
  • a lot of bugfixes
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