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The plugin is bundled since TeamCity 10.0. The recent version is described in the online documentation for the latest TeamCity version.

General Info




free, open-source

Plugin Description

Allows publishing a commit status to an external system. Supported are GitHub, Atlassian Bitbucket Server (formerly Stash), Gerrit Code Review.

Once the plugin is installed, add the Commit Status Publisher build feature to your build configuration.

TeamCity Versions Compatibility

Compatible with TeamCity 9.1+.


Get the plugin artifact from a recent successful build on the TeamCity public server:

TeamCity 9.1 compatible version



Sources at github.
Issues in TeamCity issue tracker.

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  1. This is for TC8.1.2
    I have taken the plugin artifact from the recent successful build on the TeamCity public server.

    I have installed the plugin and have restarted the TC server. I am able to see the plugin on the Plugins List; still I am not able to see the Commit status publisher on the TC 8 build feature. Can anyone please help ?

    1. Swagata Nath,

      Please, make sure you used the plugin version compatible with your server version. Try removing the plugin and installing it again. 

      1. Thank you for your response.
        I have got the plugin from here

        I shall try to remove and add the said plugin and let you know.

        1. Swagata Nath, thanks for bringing this to our attention. There seems to be a problem with this plugin build. Please watch this issue for the fix.