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  • Calcutta 4.1 EAP (build 8870) Release Notes
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This release contains a number of new features as well as many enhancements and fixes.

User Groups Enhancements

Users list now has a full set of tools to make user groups management an easy task: you can filter users by a group and add/remove users from a group. As now a preferred way to manage user roles is via groups, we've added an action to unassign roles from multiple users available from the "More Actions" drop-down list.

Configurable Roles

Now you can add new roles and change the permissions set of roles right from the web UI. No more need to edit roles-config.xml in the server configuration files!


Please note that it is not recommended to remove existing roles. In future versions of TeamCity, if a new permission is added, it will be added only to the standard roles.

Greatly Improved LDAP Integration

With new LDAP integration features TeamCity can:

  • retrieve user's profile data from LDAP
  • update groups membership based on LDAP groups
  • automatically create and remove users in TeamCity based on information retrieved from LDAP

The configuration should be done in a configuration file under .BuildServer directory.
See the detailed instructions.


Please use updated LDAP integration plugin with latest fixes. To install the plugin, copy it over existing file in <TeamCity Home>\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\plugins\ldap\ldap-login.jar.

If you have already used LDAP integration, you should notice no changes on upgrade. To configure LDAP synchronization, you need to add settings into .BuildServer/config/ file. See .BuildServer/config/ for example configuration.

Other Improvements

  • Ability to add notification rules to groups. Group notification rules are now considered if a user does not have own notification rules.
  • Test list grouping options improved (work in progress).
  • Eclipse plugin: support for Perforce 2008.2 plugin.
  • Eclipse plugin is now compatible with RCP-based products which do not have JDT installed.
  • Support for Subversion 1.6 in Visual Studio plugin.
  • Reboot agent action (experimental) is added on the Agent details page; it allows to send reboot signal to the agent machine.
  • Displaying patch size on sources checkout, VCS integration logging improvements.
  • ClearCase settings reworked: "view path" is separated in path to view and path within the view.
  • Agent now checks for a free disk space and ensures old data is cleaned up before the build if the free space falls under a certain limit.

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