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  • Calcutta 4.1 EAP (build 8804) Release Notes
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This release contains a number of new features as well as many enhancements and fixes.

Perforce Support in Visual Studio

In addition to TFS and Subversion we are adding Perforce support to TeamCity Addin for Visual Studio. The single requirement is just to have p4.exe on the workstation. Supported are both remote runs and pre-tested commits.

Setup your perforce connection settings on "Perforce" tab and filter files by changelist: pre-tested commit is at your disposal.

Please let us know if you tried the plugin and want to propose an enhancement or found an issue.

XML Reporter

We are bundling the functionality to process various XML reports and feed data to TeamCity. Previously, this was available as a separate plugin.

Supported report formats are:

  • Ant's JUnit task
  • NUnit
  • Surefire
  • PMD
  • FindBugs

Please note that you need to use JUnit, NUnit and Surefire reports only if your tests are not recognized by TeamCity automatically (otherwise you will get duplicating test reports).

Test will be reported as soon as the data is dumped to the disk (not waiting for the build to finish).

PMD and FindBugs reports are displayed in the same Inspections browser that we have for IntelliJ IDEA-powered Inspections runner.

You can also import several reports in a single build using service messages (read more).

Test Details and Problematic Tests on Project Level

Now you can investigate behavior of a single test across different build configurations. This can be useful in pinpointing flaky tests. Also, Problematic Tests are now available on the project level.

Test List Grouping

Tests of a build now can be grouped by package and test case (use "Group by package/class" checkbox in the table title):

The feature has just been introduced and is likely to evolve in the next EAP releases.

All Users Group

A predefined group "All Users" is introduced that contains all users. Now the roles assigned to new users can be conveniently managed by assigning the roles to the group.


There is a known issue in this EAP release: new users will still directly get the roles that default user had during upgrade to this build. You may want to remove all the default user roles prior to the server upgrade.
Another point worth attention is that all users are automatically subscribed to Email notification to watch builds with own changes. This notification can be turned off by a user: just add "Watch builds with my changes" notification rule with no events selected.
These issues will be fixed in the next EAP release.
Another point is that every user now got the roles assigned to default user (the role is forced from the All Users group). If this is not desired behavior, please edit the roles of All Users group.

Other Improvements

  • Ability to add comment on pausing a build configuration
  • Administrators can now edit notification rules of individual users
  • New Extension point for managing build starting conditions
  • Projects popup and several other project choosers now have filter to speedup project selection
  • Fixes in Subversion support
  • Support for NUnit 2.5 Beta 2
  • Personal builds of build chains now support starting several builds which has a common part of the build chain
  • Personal builds now display comment on the build results page
  • NUnit tests are now supported in Mono xbuild (MSBuild runner)
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