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  • Benares EAP (build 5504) Release Notes
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Ability to download build log

You can now download build log in a text format. The log still has all TeamCity-provided information on build steps, timestamps, etc.

Build duration chart

We feel that an important part of making continuous integration process more pleasant is continuous analyzing. So we are rolling out first part of build statistics. Welcome the "Statistics" tab on the build configuration. As it is only the beginning, the set of data and its presentation can change a great deal, and we hope they change based on your feedback!
Currently, build duration, artifact size and code coverage charts are available.
One of our priorities for the feature is extensibility, so stay tuned: we are going to publish documentation on how to provide your own build metrics and charts with one of later EAP releases.

Build tests view

You can now browse the full list of test ran in the build and study test timings.

Ability to customize build status text

As part of our efforts to make TeamCity more customizable, we are introducing an ability to directly affect build status (success/failure), provide status text and specify build number that will be seen for the build everywhere in the TeamCity UI. To ease the status passing from the build script to TeamCity, teamcity-info.xml file has beed introduced. If it is generated by the build script it will be automatically used by TeamCity.

This functionality will be described at:

Improved support for MSBuild run inside NAnt script and NUnit MSBuild task

To report results of a build in a user-friendly way (that means proper build status determining and real-time reporting of structured build messages), TeamCity requires special support for the building tools.

In addition to already supported MSBuild and NAnt, TeamCity now supports MSBuild build started from within NAnt script (by NAntContrib msbuild task. See more in TeamCity online documentation).
As well, in addition to fully supported nunit2 task for NAnt, TeamCity improves existing support for NUnit task of MSBuild (from The MSBuild Community Tasks Project). You do not need to modify existing scripts to run then under TeamCity, and you will get all the improved output automatically.

Now, even NUnit task invoked from MSBuild that is run by msbuild task under NAnt is supported!

C# Duplicates Finder

This experimental feature adds new runner type that will search for C# duplicates in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 and later solution and show the results in web UI. Powered by JetBrains Resharper


Ability to search users by username, full name or email


  • TeamCity Visual Studio 2005 plugin now supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2
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