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  • Benares Beta (build 5930) Release Notes
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This is one of the last EAP releases before the TeamCity 3.0 (Benares) is released, thus our efforts were mainly focused on fixing bugs and most annoying issues, performance fixes.

Some noticeable changes include:

  • The My Changes tab has been reworked
  • The Statistics charts got some polishing and a Success Rate graph was added.
  • The Windows Tray Notifier now uses an MSI-based installer and has an option to automatically update itself.

Please note that there are several changes that are incompatible with previous TeamCity versions that may need your attention:

  • The build.working.dir system property has been renamed If you use this property in your build scripts, please update them.
  • The runAll.bat script now requires a parameter: start to start server and agent, or stop to stop server and agent.
  • The agent.bat script also requires a parameter: start to start the agent, or stop to stop agent process. Note that the "stop" parameter instructs the agent to stop only after it becomes idle (no builds are active. To force the agent stop immediately, use agent.bat stop force.
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