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The Command window lets you modify attributes of an issue or a set of issues using commands that are similar to search queries. For example, you can:

  • Assign issues to a user.
  • Change type or priority level of issues.
  • Associate issues with tags.
  • Set dependencies between issues.

For the Command window to display:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Highlight an issue.
    • To select several issues from the list of issues, press Space at each highlighted issue.
  2. Press Ctrl+Alt+J or any alphabetic key.

When the Command window displays, do the following:

  1. In the Command text box, enter a command consisting of one or more space-delimited keyword-value pairs. For example, to assign the selected issue or a set of issues to yourself, enter for me. To assign issues to yourself and change their state to "in progress", enter for me state in progress. As soon as you start typing, YouTrack displays a completion list with matching keywords or values.

    Command Syntax vs Search Syntax


    Note that search syntax rules regarding colons, curly braces and hash marks are not applied to commands.
    For example, to search for critical issues assigned to you and associated with tag "YouTrack 1.0", you type the following search query: for: me tag: {YouTrack 1.0} #critical.
    However, to assign issues to yourself, associate them with tag "YouTrack 1.0" and elevate their priority to critical, you enter the following command: for me tag YouTrack 1.0 critical

  2. Optionally, enter a comment in the Comment text box. The comment will be attached to all selected issues.
  3. Do one of the following:
  • To apply the commands and post the comment, click Submit or press Ctrl+Enter.
  • To discard the commands and the comment, click Cancel or press Esc.

See the list of YouTrack keywords that are in most cases applicable in the Command window (note the difference between search syntax and command syntax.)

The following table lists a number of sample YouTrack commands:



assigned to me priority major
for me priority major

Assigns selected issues to the current user, sets priority of selected issues to "major"

state fixed

Marks selected issues as resolved

state duplicate TS-2405

Marks selected issues as duplicating issue TS-2405 (Note that YouTrack lets you execute full-text search among issues instead of specifying the exact issue ID - that is, you can type state duplicate toolbar to filter out all issues containing the word "toolbar" and choose one of them.)

type Cosmetics tag fix it this week

Associates selected issues with tag "fix it this week" and changes their type to "Cosmetics"

remove tag fix it this week

Cancels association of selected issues with tag "fix it this week"

project TeamCity

Moves selected issues to project "TeamCity"

subsystem Documentation

Moves selected issues to subsystem "Documentation"