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You are viewing documentation of TeamCity 7.x, which is not the most recently released version of TeamCity. Please refer to the listing to choose another version.

Table of Contents

This page contains descriptions of the fields and options available when setting up a VCS root for connection to Microsoft Team Foundation Server:


TFS integration is only supported for Windows machines. It is also required to have Team Explorer installed and correctly functioning on TeamCity server.

If you want to use agent-side checkout, Team Explorer should also be installed on all the agents which will run the related builds.

See the section for the supported versions.



Team Foundation Server Url

Team Foundation Server URL in the following format:


Starting with TFS 2010, the URL can also include sub-path:


User Name

Specify user to access Team Foundation Server. This can be a user name or DOMAIN\UserName string. Use blank to let TFS select user account that is used to run TeamCity Server (or Agent for agent-side checkout)


Enter the password of the user entered above.


Specify the root using the following format:

$<project name><project catalogue>

Changes Checking Interval



Checking interval

Select here how often TeamCity should check for VCS changes. By default the global predefined server setting is used, that can be modified at the Administration | Global Settings page. The interval's time starts being counted as soon as the last VCS server poll is finished. Here you can specify here custom interval for the current VCS root.


Some public servers can block access if polled frequently.

VCS Root Sharing



VCS Root Sharing

Enable this option to use this VCS root in other projects or build configurations. See Shared VCS Roots for more information.

Agent-Side Checkout

Agent-Side checkout is only supported on Windows agent machine (for Linux and Mac agent you may use server-side checkout). It is also required to have Team Explorer installed on agent machine.

TeamCity automatically creates TFS workspace for each checkout directory used. The workspace is created on behalf of user account that is specified in the VCS root settings.

Created TFS workspaces are automatically removed after a two-week idle time.

TFS does not allow to have several workspaces on a machine mapped to the same directory. TeamCity TFS agent-side checkout may attempt to remove intersecting workspaces in order to create new workspace that matches specified VCS root and checkout rules. Note, it is unable to remove workspaces created by another user.

Hosted TFS Login


Since TeamCity 7.1.4

You need to complete the following steps:

  • Install Team Explorer 2012 Update 1 (or Visual Studio 2012 Update 1) to TeamCity server (and build agents for agent-side checkout)
  • Login to TFS web site, click to edit user profile and specify "ALTERNATE AUTHENTICATION CREDENTIALS" in "CREDENTIALS" tab
  • In TeamCity VCS settings use ##LIVE##\<YOUR LOGIN> as login

For more details, please see post or doc