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You are viewing documentation of TeamCity 6.5.x, which is not the most recent released version of TeamCity. Please refer to the listing to choose another version.

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For a project developer it is important to understand whether his commit brought a build failure or not. On the My Changes page you can review the commits you've made and how they have affected builds.

Your changes are presented in a timeline. By default My Changes page doesn't show your commits to the build configurations that you hid on the Projects dashboard. If you want to remove this filter and view all build configurations, click the show all link on the top of the page.

From this page you can:

  • View all your commits, and changes included into your personal builds.
  • View how your changes have affected the builds.
  • See whether there are new failed tests caused by your changes.
  • Navigate to the issue tracker, if issue tracker integration is configured.
  • Open possibly problematic files in your IDE.
  • Navigate to change details.
  • View detailed data for each change in dedicated tabs. To switch between tabs for the currently selected change use Tab/Shift+Tab or mnemonics: 'T' for tests, 'B' for builds, 'F' for files.
  • View suspicious builds with your change. For personal changes, all builds are shown.

Note, that problems which have an investigator/responsible are not considered critical (unless you are the investigator).

On the right side of the page you can see the visual representation of how your commit has affected different builds. The legend is following:

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