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You are viewing documentation of TeamCity 6.5.x, which is not the most recent released version of TeamCity. Please refer to the listing to choose another version.

Table of Contents



<TeamCity home>

This is TeamCity installation directory chosen in Windows installer, used to unpack TeamCity .zip distribution or Tomcat home directory for .war TeamCity distribution.

<TeamCity data directory>

This is the directory used by TeamCity to store configuration and system files.

<agent work directory>

This is the directory on an agent used as default location for build checkout directories.

<agent home>

Build agent installation directory.

<build checkout directory>

The directory used as "root" one for checking out build sources files.

<build working directory>

This is the directory set as current for the build process. By default, the <Build Working Directory> is the same as the <build checkout directory>.

<TeamCity web application>

If you have installed TeamCity using .exe or tar.gz distribution, the path to the directory is <TeamCity home>/webapps/ROOT, by default. For .war distribution, the path to the directory would depend on where you have deployed TeamCity.