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You are viewing documentation of TeamCity 6.5.x, which is not the most recent released version of TeamCity. Please refer to the listing to choose another version.

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The build queue is a list of builds that were triggered and are waiting to be started. TeamCity will distribute them to compatible build agents as the agents become idle. The build is assigned to the agent only when it is started on the agent, no pre-assignment is made while the build still waits in the build queue.

When a build is triggered, firstly it is placed into the build queue, and, when a compatible agent becomes idle, TeamCity will run the build. The list of builds waiting to be run can be viewed on the Build Queue tab. This tab displays the following information:

  • Sequence number of the build;
  • Build configuration name in the following format: <project name>::<build configuration name>, where project and build configuration names are links to corresponding overview pages;
  • Time to start: the estimated time that the build configuration will be queued before it starts to build and its estimated time of completion. Hovering the mouse cursor over the estimated time value shows a tooltip with expected start time and duration, and the links to the build results and Agents pages. If current build is a part of build chain and builds it depends on are not finished yet, a corresponding note will be displayed. For some builds, like the builds that have never been run before, TeamCity can't estimate possible duration correctly, so the relevant message will be displayed in the tooltip, for example:
  • Brief description of the event that triggered the build (Triggered by column). Learn more about configuring build triggers.
  • The number of agents compatible with this build configuration. You can click agent's name link to open Agents page, or use down arrow to quickly view the list of compatible agents in the popup window.

You can reorder the builds in queue manually, remove build configurations or personal builds from queue, and, if you have System Administrator permissions, you can assign different priorities to build configurations, which will affect their position in the queue. Learn more.

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