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You are viewing documentation of TeamCity 5.x, which is not the most recent released version of TeamCity. Please refer to the listing to choose another version.

Table of Contents

What's New in TeamCity 5.1

TeamCity 5.1 mostly contains improvements of the features included into the TeamCity 5.0 (new features in 5.0), as well as a lot of bug-fixes.


TeamCity notification templates are now based on the Freemarker which provides great customization abilities. Moreover, we brushed up the templates - now they contain more useful information and look better. For example, Email notifier uses HTML for email messages.

Read more about new abilities in our documentation.


Inherited build configurations are now more customizable. You can add more triggers and VCS roots than is defined in the template itself.

Build triggers UI was redesigned, and build triggers are now fully pluggable, i.e. you can write your own trigger with custom UI and features, read more.


Not only projects can be collapsed on the dashboard, it is now possible to define custom order of build configurations or even hide some of them.


Code coverage support based on IDEA coverage engine is added for Maven runner. See Code Coverage section on Maven runner. Once configured, you will be able to review coverage results on the Coverage report tab of the build and in the Coverage statistics chart for the build configuration. In order to have this feature properly work, please ensure your tests are run in fork=true mode.

 Maven artifact trigger now supports classifiers.

Current Problems

The Project Page was populated with a new tab - Current Problems, where you can find all currently failing configurations and not yet fixed tests.

Problematic tests, i.e. the tests failed within the last 120 hours are moved under this tab.

Time Zone Detection

If your team members work in different time zones, they can enable timezone autodetection on the My Settings page. In this case TeamCity will convert date / time to autodetected timezone.

New Actions in Build Queue

Multiple delete action was added to the build queue. You can easily clean the queue with a few clicks.

In the Stop build dialog an option was added to "Re-add" build to the queue after the stop. This is especially useful for remote run builds in case if you need take some agent for you own needs quickly.

Plugins Tab

Plugins tab was added on the Administration -> Server configuration page. It shows external plugins, i.e. plugins installed under the TEAMCITY_DATA_PATH/plugins directory as well as plugins bundled with TeamCity distribution.

Diagnostics Tab

We added one more tab on the Administration -> Server configuration page, called Diagnostics.
If you experience slow downs, or out of memory problems with your server, you can provide us with necessary information faster and in a more comfortable way with the help of this tab.

JDBC Drivers

Now you can put JDBC drivers for external database under the TEAMCITY_DATA_PATH/lib/jdbc directory. This will save your time, and will make server upgrade easier.

.NET Support

.NET 4.0, Visual Studio 2010 and TFS 2010 are now supported.

All solution runners (except 2003) were merged into the one solution runner which includes support for Visual Studio 2010.

MSBuild runner now supports MSBuild for .NET 4.0

.NET 4.0 is supported for tests runners, also you can select .NET framework version for NUnit runner.
NUnit tests UI is available in MSBuild runner.

NAnt 0.90 alpha 1 is supported.

Added support for NUnit 2.5.3 and 2.5.4.

NUnit runner supports running a process per test assembly.

Enabled .NET Coverage report generation by means of dedicated service messages.

Agent Matrix Improvements

Grouping by project option was added.
Cloud agents are handled better in matrix and builds history.

Artifacts Publishing

TeamCity agent now is able to produce zip and tar.gz artifacts from a bunch of files and upload the resulting archives to the server. To enable this feature use syntax like:
**/*.html =>

Additionally to .zip archives artifact dependencies can now fetch files from .tar.gz.

Java Detection on Agents

New plugin for agent detects installed Java (JDK and JRE) and sets corresponding environment variables, which then can be used in requirements, or referenced in build configuration settings. For example, if JDK 1.5 is found, plugin will set the environment variable: JDK_15, you can reference it in the build configuration settings: %env.JDK_15%

You can find all of the reported variables on the Environment variables tab of the agent.

IDE Integration

All IDE plugins now allow to start remote runs with custom properties or environment variables. You can use this feature to enable debug, tests profiling, or to configure a set of tests to execute in remote run build.

IntelliJ IDEA plugin

  • Ability to take responsibility for a test from the plugin

Eclipse plugin

  • Eclipse 3.6 support added
  • P4WSAD 2009.2 support added

Visual Studio add-in

  • Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
  • Improvements in Remote run dialog

Diff View and Unified Diff Patch

TeamCity diff view now recognizes if changed files are images and shows images itself.
We also added Next / Prev links to the diff to simplify viewing of the changes in several files of one change list.

The new download patch link is available for any change (including remote run). The patch is in unified diff format.


User and group management actions, like create / delete user or group, add to the group, add / remove role are now logged into the audit log.

Other Improvements

  • Checkstyle reports are now natively supported by TeamCity
  • Support Amazon US West region
  • Subversion changes collection speedup
  • Filter by project and configuration name added on the Administration page
  • Experimental support for SourceGear Vault VCS added
  • full list of fixed bugs and implemented features

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