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You are viewing documentation of TeamCity 4.x, which is not the most recent released version of TeamCity. Please refer to the listing to choose another version.

Table of Contents

This page contains descriptions of the fields and options available when setting up VCS roots using Subversion:

SVN Connection Settings




Specify the SVN URL that points to the project sources.

User Name

Specify the SVN user name.


Specify the SVN password.

Default Config Directory

Check this option to make this the default configuration directory for the SVN connection.

Configuration Directory

If the Default Config Directory option is checked, you must specify the configuration directory.

Externals Support

Check one of the following options to control the SVN externals processing

Full support (load changes and checkout)

If selected, TeamCity will check out all configuration's sources (including sources from the externals) and will gather and display information about externals' changes in the Changes tab.

Checkout, but ignore changes

If selected, TeamCity will check out the sources from externals but any changes in externals' source files will not be gathered and displayed in the Changes tab. You might use this option if you have several SVN externals and do not want to get information about any changes made in the externals' source files.

Ignore externals

If selected, TeamCity will ignore any configured 'svn:externals' property, and thus TeamCity will not check for changes or check out any source file from the SVN externals.

SSH Settings



Private Key File Path

Specify the full path to the file that contains the SSH private key.

Private Key File Password

Enter the password to the SSH private key.

SSH Port

Specify the port that SSH is using.

Labeling settings



Labeling rules

Specify a newline-delimited set of rules that defines the structure of the repository. See the detailed format description for more details.

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