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You are viewing documentation of TeamCity 3.x, which is not the most recent released version of TeamCity. Please refer to the listing to choose another version.
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This page contains reference information about the Maven2 Build Runner fields.



Build runner

Select Maven2 from the drop-down list.


In the Goals field, you need to specify the sequence of Maven goals that you want TeamCity to execute.
Some Maven goals can use version control systems, and, thus, they may become incompatible with some VCS checkout modes. If you want TeamCity to execute such goal:

  • Select "Automatically on agent" for the VCS checkout mode on the Version Control Settings page.
    This makes the version control system available to a goal execution software.

Path to a POM file

Specify path to the POM file relative to the build working directory.
By default, the property contains a pom.xml file. If you leave this field blank, the same value is put in this field.
The path may also point to a subdirectory, and as such <subdirectory>/pom.xml is used.

Maven home path

Use this optional parameter to specify path to the distributive of your custom Maven.
(info) You do not need to specify this parameter, if you are going to use the Maven distributive that comes bundled with TeamCity (Maven 2.0.8).

Additional Maven command line parameters

Specify the list of command line parameters. Note that -h, -v, -B, -s, -f are ignored.

Artifact Paths

Use this field to specify directories containing artifacts or file names as a comma-separated string. If a directory is specified its contents will be uploaded to the server.
(warning) In version 3.1 this field is located on the General Settings page.

User Settings Path

The path to an alternative user settings file. It is equivalent to Maven's command line option -s or --settings.

JDK Home Path

The path to JDK Home is read from the *JAVA_HOME* environment variable or *JDK home* specified on the build agent if you leave this field empty. If these two values are not specified as well, TeamCity uses the JDK home on which the build agent process is started.

JVM Command Line Parameters

Specify JVM command line parameters, for example, maximum heap size or parameters enabling remote debugging. These values are passed by the JVM used to run your build.

Build Working Directory

Specify the build working directory. Note that the build working directory correlates with pom.xml file.

See also:

  • System Administrator Reference: Maven2