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TeamCity comes with built-in Docker integration, which includes the Docker runner (formerly Docker Build), a runner for Docker commands.



The integration requires Docker installed on the build agents. Docker Compose also needs to be installed to use the Docker Compose build runner.

Supported Environments

TeamCity-Docker support can run on Mac, Linux, and Windows build agents. It uses the 'docker' executable on the build agent machine, so it should be runnable by the build agent user. 

  • On Linux, the integration will run if the installed Docker is detected. 
  • On Windows, the integration works for Linux and Windows container modes.
  • On macOS, the official Docker support for Mac should be installed for the user running the build agent.

The Docker runner supports the build, push, tag Docker commands.

When creating TeamCity projects/ build configurations from a repository URL, the runner is offered as build step during auto-detection, provided a Dockerfile is present in the VCS repository.




Docker Command

Select the docker command. Depending on the selected command, the settings below will vary.

Docker Command Parameters


Dockerfile source

Depending on the selected source, the settings below will vary. The available options include File, a URL or File content.

Path to file

Available if File is selected as the source. Specify the path to the Docker file. The path should be relative to the checkout directory.

Context folderAvailable if File is selected as the source. Specify the context for the docker build. If blank, the enclosing folder for Dockerfile will be used.

URL to file
Available if URL is selected as the source. The URL can refer to three kinds of resources: Git repositories, pre-packaged tarball contexts, and plain text files. See Docker documentation for details.
File Content:Available if the file content is selected as the source. You can enter the content of the Dockerfile into the field.
Image platformSelect <Any> (default), Linux or Windows.
Image name:tag

Provide a newline-separated list of image name:tag(s)

Additional arguments for 'build' commandSupply additional arguments to the docker build command. See Docker documentation for details.
pushRemove image from agent after pushIf selected, TeamCity will remove the image with docker rmi at the end of the step
Image name:tagProvide a newline-separated list of image name:tag(s)
otherCommand nameDocker sub-command, like push or tag. For run, use Docker Wrapper 
Working directory 
Additional arguments for the commandAdditional arguments that will be passed to the docker command.



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