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Custom notifier must implement jetbrains.buildServer.notification.Notificator interface and register implementation in the jetbrains.buildServer.notification.NotificatorRegistry.

When a notifier is registered, it can provide information about additional properties that must be filled in by the user. To obtain values of these properties, use the following code:

Notifier can also provide custom UI for Notifier rules and My Settings&Tools pages. See PlaceId.NOTIFIER_SETTINGS_FRAGMENT and PlaceId.MY_SETTINGS_NOTIFIER_SECTION.

Notifications are only delivered if there is at least one subscribed user for given event.


Use source code of the existing plugins as a reference:

See also:

Concepts: Notifier
User's Guide: Subscribing to Notifications
Administrator's Guide: Customizing Notifications


  1. The links to to use as reference no longer appear to be valid, the source is not readily available (that I could find anyway).

    1. Chris Watts, thanks for pointing this out. Fixed the links to point to GitHub mirrors.