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TeamCity provides a variety of diagnostic tools and indicators to monitor and troubleshoot the server, which are accessible from the Administration | Diagnostics page.

The tools make it easier to identify and investigate problems and, if needed, report issues on your server.

The following options are available to you:

Troubleshooting Tab

This tab provides a number of indicators helping you to detect and address issues with the TeamCity server performance.

CPU & Memory Usage

This section displays the data provided by the TeamCity Memory Monitor, which regularly checks available memory and submits a warning if the memory or CPU usage grows too high.

If you experience memory problems, this section provides an option to dump a memory snapshot.

See also information on configuring memory settings for the TeamCity server.

Troubleshooting section

Debug Logging

This allows changing the internal TeamCity server logging settings.

Hangs and Thread Dumps

The server thread dump can be viewed in the browser or saved to a file.

Server Restart

This section available since TeamCity 2017.2 EAP1 allows restarting the server from the UI.

Java Configuration

This section informs you on the Java installed on your server and the configured JVM options.

VCS status

This tab displays the information on the monitored VCS roots, including their checking for changes status and duration.
You can filter the available VCS roots by the checking for changes duration.

Server logs

This tab allows you to view and download the available TeamCity server logs, as well as saved thread dumps and memory dumps.

Internal Properties

This tab displays the internal properties affecting the TeamCity behavior and the JVM system properties. To fine-tune these aspects, see this section.

Logging Presets

TeamCity uses the log4j library for the logging, and its settings can be customized. In this section you can view and download the available presets, as well as upload new presets, which can then be enabled on the Diagnostics | Troubleshooting | Debug Logging.

It is also possible to change the logging configuration manually.


This tab shows you the caches of the TeamCity processes stored in TeamCity Data Directory/system/caches. Resetting some caches is performed by the server during the clean-up automatically, but sometimes you might need to clear caches manually using  the reset link.

  • vcsContentCache - TeamCity maintains vcsContentCache cache for the sources to optimize communications with the VCS server. The caches are reset during the cleanup time. To resolve problems with sources update, the caches may need to be reset manually.
  • search - resetting this cache is required when enabling search by build log.
  • git - contains the bare clone of the remote Git repository used by TeamCity.
  • buildsMetadata - resetting this cache is required to reindex the TeamCity NuGet feed.

Browse Data directory

This tab shows the files in the TeamCity Data Directory and allows you to upload new files.

Displays information on the TeamCity data index related to the search.

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