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SMB upload enables TeamCity to upload files/directories to Windows shares via Server Message Block (SMB) protocol. 

The settings common for all runners are described on a separate page; this page details the SMB Upload settings.


The fields below support parameter references: any text between percentage signs (%) is considered a reference to a property by TeamCity. To prevent TeamCity from treating the text in the percentage signs as a property reference, use two percentage signs to escape them: e.g. if you want to pass "%Y%m%d%H%M%S" into the build, change it to "%%Y%%m%%d%%H%%M%%S"

Deployment Target
Target URL

 The URL should point to a host + share at least. Subdirectories are allowed here and will be created if missing. Valid examples:

Name resolution

 The DNS only name resolution  allows switching  JCIFS to "DNS-only" mode. May fix perfomance or out of memory exceptions (see this bitbucket issue for details). Is equivalent to following JCIFS settings:

Deployment Credentials
UsernameSpecify the username
PasswordSpecify the password
DomainSpecify the domain
Deployment Source
Path to sourcesSpecify the deployment sources as a newline- or comma-separated list of paths to files/directories for deployment. Ant-style wildcards like dir/**/*.zip and target directories like *.zip => winFiles,unix/distro.tgz => linuxFiles, where winFiles and linuxFiles are target directories, are supported.  




















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