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Built-in Artifacts Storage

By default, TeamCity stores artifacts produced by builds internally on the server.  By default, build artifacts and internal TeamCity artifacts are stored in <Teamcity Data Directory>/system/artifacts directory contains build artifacts. No additional configuration is required.

External Artifacts Storage 

Starting from version 2017.1, TeamCity provides a pluggable API to enable external storage for TeamCity build artifacts. Support for different storages can be implemented as an external plugin to TeamCity: the details are provided in the external storage implementation guide.


Note that when an external storage for artifacts is enabled, the TeamCity internal artifacts (including build logs) will still be published to the TeamCity server.

Several experimental external plugins developed by JetBrains are listed below. 

Amazon S3 Support

Amazon S3 Artifact Storage is supported via an experimental external plugin from JetBrains, teamcity-s3-storage-plugin. When installed and configured, the plugin allows uploading to, downloading and removing artifacts from S3; it handles resolution of artifact dependencies as well as clean-up of artifacts. The plugin also displays artifacts located externally in the TeamCity web UI.

Azure Artifact Storage

Azure Artifact Storage is an experimental external plugin from JetBrains which allows replacing the TeamCity built-in artifacts storage by Azure Blob storage. 

Google Cloud Artifact Storage

 Google Cloud Artifact Storage is implemented as an external plugin from JetBrains.


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