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  • Scala Plugin Roadmap
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Welcome to Scala IntelliJ IDEA Plugin Roadmap. This is short term roadmap due to Scaladays 2014 conference.

  • Better error highlighting
  • Better performance
  • Smarter completion
  • Implicit parameters/conversions debugger
  • Import management improvements, including sorting/grouping in optimize imports feature
  • Scala support in Upsource
  • Improvements in project configuration (replace Scala Facet by compiler library)
  • SBT Server (?)
  • SBT Console/Tasks
  • HOCON format support
  • Interactive mode in Scala Worksheet
  • Support for -> and => special characters
  • Extract method improvements
  • Extract Trait
  • Postfix templates
  • No labels


  1. The scala maven plugin supports the two targets scala:cc (continuous compilation) and scala:console which in turn can be used together with javarebel to create a REPL. To use this powerpack, two things are missing from IntelliJ: Calling mvn scala:cc with syntax highlighting (calling it via intellij's maven plugin doesnt give this) and some nice tool window (maybe a specialized runner) for mvn scala:console. Shouldnt be to hard and would allow for a completely different scala development experience.

  2. I think a nice feature to consider for future version of this plugin would be auto-complete-by-type (ctrl-shift-space).  We wouldn't even need to have 100% coverage for type analysis (including implicits), but it would be nice to have basic support for auto-complete-by-type.

  3. Do you consider adding support for 'extract method' refactoring?

  4. Anonymous

    Since I am a test-first developer, I'd like to create new methods by using the alt-enter shortcut when a method name is red. This helps facilitate faster "write test"/"code method" cycles (wink)

    1. Anonymous

    2. Anonymous

      Agreed. I am missing this bit as well. Especially given how clean and readable Scala Specs specifications are, you simply want to do test-first with Scala (wink)

        1. Anonymous

  5. How about "generate SBT"?

  6. I'd like to also suggest more streamlined/fast compilation.

  7. What are your plans on supporting Scala 2.8? I tried swapping the compiler but it results in error messages like:

    fatal error: class scala.runtime.VolatileBooleanRef not found.

    1. Anonymous

      I had the same issue today. I went to Project Settings/Libraries, removed the older Scala library reference, and added the 2.8 library reference using Attach Jar Directories. Make sure Modules and Facets both reflect the 2.8 libraries as well. It worked for me.

  8. Hi there.

     I notice this roadmap hasn't been updated for a year now.

     I guess I'm just wondering where the current focus of development is?

    For me, having to compile before I see most compile errors is pretty annoying. I'm not that good at Scala yet that I can write perfect code on every line. (smile)


  9. Any updates since ScalaDays 2014 is past?