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Installation Notes:

R# 2.0

R# 2.5

R# 3.0

R# 4.0

R# 4.5

Installation Notes for ReSharper 4.5

  1. Exit all running Visual Studio instances.
  2. Run the ReSharper 4.5 setup.
    The single setup file installs R# Full, C# or VB.Net edition for Visual Studio 2005, 2008, or both.
  3. Launch Visual Studio.
  4. Develop with pleasure!

Advanced installation options:

  • Experimental Visual Studio Hives
    To install ReSharper 4 into an experimental Visual Studio hive, perform the following steps:
    • Get the ReSharper binaries of the build you want to register into the experimental hive by running the regular installation. If you do not want to install R# for any of the main hives, uncheck all of the Visual Studio integration checkboxes. This will produce the needed set of binaries and omit any per-VS-version integration steps.
    • Register the R# binaries for the desired Visual Studio hive with the JetBrains.VSIntegration.Install.InstallExperimentalHive build task from the JetBrains.Platform.ReSharper.VSIntegration assembly. For an example task usage, see the attached InstallExperimentalHive.Proj file.
    • Note that the hive must already exist and that devenv /Setup for the appropriate /RootSuffix must be run manually.

  • Side-by-Side ReSharper Installations
    You may want to install more than one R# instance on the same machine, but for different Visual Studio hives. Check for the upgrade options in the Advanced installation scenario.

  • Installation Logs
    The installation logs are very useful for diagnosing installation problems. The logs can be collected with an installer command line switch:
    msiexec /i ReSharperSetup.msi /Log Install.log

  • Installation Directory
    If you're installing more than one ReSharper side-by-side, make sure you specify a different installation location for each of the instances. This can be selected in the installation wizard, or specified in the INSTALLDIR installer property. Also, the installer will try to pick a unique directory on its own.
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