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The world of Ruby can be very enthralling, but when you’re a newbie it is so easy to get lost. Even a professional sometimes needs good Ruby and Rails programming tips as well as how-to’s to his/her favorite tools. This page aims to be a piggy bank of useful links related to Ruby, Rails, and RubyMine.

Ruby on Rails Tutorial by Michael HartlThe most famous tutorial book and screencast series teaching you how to develop and deploy real, industrial-strength web applications with Ruby on Rails.
Ruby on Rails and RubyMine Tutorial by David LoefflerThis is about how to use RubyMine as your editor for the Ruby on Rails Tutorial by Michael Hartl.
Favorite RubyMine Tips by Justin GordonBased on Michael's tutorial as well, this video shows a lot of tips and tricks that help being productive in RubyMine.

RubyMine: Code Insight for Ruby and Rails

This article briefly discovers all core basic IDE features that people love RubyMine for. Good for newcomers.
#RubyMineTipsGo by the Twitter hashtag #RubyMineTip to discover tips and tricks that will boost your work in RubyMine
RubyMine SlackJoin the RubyMine Slack chat to meet the RubyMine users and people on the RubyMine team. Ask your questions, share your thoughts!
Daily lectures by Dave JonesDetailed video lectures about web and mobile development with Introduction to Ruby Programming , Ruby Programming II and Ruby on Rails Instruction courses among others.
Blogs by Pivotal LabsInteresting posts and tech talks about everything from the famous software consultants and RubyMine users with Ruby , Rails and RubyMine topics among others.
RubyRogues podcastThe famous podcast with the Ruby stars on board.
Rails Refactoring podcastThe podcast from Arkency members about best Rails and JS practices
Blog by Jeff "Cheezy" MorganExtremely useful posts and videos about Ruby development and testing from the master of Storytesting and the author of several popular Ruby gems.
RubyMine Tips&Tricks A GitHub wiki of RubyMine tips and tricks by Alistair McKinnell. 
RubyKaigi 2017 talk by Valentin Fondaratov: Automated Type Contracts Generation for RubyIn his talk Valentin disocvers a new approach to type annotations generation in Ruby.
RailsConf 2016 talk by Tatiana Vasilyeva: Power up Your Development with RubyMineA talk about most common tips and tricks that may help to be more productive in RubyMine.
#NewInRubyMineThis Twitter hashtag will discover the most recent features that you may want to check out (since v2017.3 and newer)
Ruby WeeklySign up for a free, once-weekly e-mail round-up of Ruby news and articles.
RubyFlowOne of the most popular Ruby community blogs.
Ruby on RedditLatest news, discussions, and community-driven Ruby projects
Ruby on Rails on RedditSame as the one above, but specific to Ruby on Rails

The main channels you can use to communicate with our team: Blog (or via RSS), Twitter, Issue Tracker, Support, and Slack.

RubyMine Getting Started Guide

This guide helps you to start up with the IDE and gives an eye-bird view on its main features.

RubyMine tutorials

The library of tutorials from the RubyMine team.

RubyMine videos

The library of screencasts and demos from the RubyMine team.

RubyMine documentation

Documentation is also available from the IDE: (Menu | Help | Help).



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