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New Features and Improvements

IDE General

  • Remote gems browsing and installation using the Gem manager.

Ruby Support

  • Don`t show method or alias declaration as it`s usage
  • Improved 'Find Usages' performance
  • Show partial declaration (extracted from overriding and overridden elements for modules and classes)

Ruby on Rails Support

  • Rename Refactoring for Rails View templates and Rails Action Methods:
    • an action method rename will also rename corresponding view templates files, references to action method/view templates
      from rails calls such as render, redirect, etc; RSpec test file for action's view.
    • a view template rename will also rename the corresponding action, references to action method/view templates and RSpec test file
    • view's RSpec test rename will only rename the test file.
      Watch a short demo (1:20)
  • Navigating to view's RSpec test is available from context of corresponding Rails Action

Bug Fixes

  • Navigation to RSpec tests for view templates corrected
  • Wrong warnings for hide_action rails call fixed
  • Other bug fixes
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