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New Features and Improvements

IDE General

  • Alternative RubyMine Mac OS keymap (rev.2) bundled (view PDF). Main improvements of the new keymap are:
    • no conflicts with the default Mac OS X shortcuts (e.g. show Desktop, Spaces, Dashboard, etc).
    • Mac OS X style shortcuts for navigation between tabs, back/forward action, close current window action, etc.
    • allows enabling column selection mode from keyboard of MacBook/MackBookPro
  • Option added to automatically insert arguments and blocks for methods on autocompletion (off by default)

Ruby Support

  • Scope aware completion and resolve in debugger "Evaluate expression" and "watches"
  • Syntax highlighting, error highlighting and code insight for regular expression literals in Ruby code
  • Improved metaprogramming support (e.g. the contents of Module.included method is now interpreted and used for resolve/completion)
  • Support for JRuby as the target Ruby interpreter

Ruby on Rails Support

  • Improved 'Unexpected parameter' Rails call inspection. More user friendly and context-specific warnings
  • Associations handling is more compliant with Rails associations support (e.g. :polymorphic, :class_name handling with :through)
  • Model dependency diagram added with UML-like associations view
  • Usability fixes in code generating actions (place caret in correct place to start coding immediately)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed UI for overriding gutters
  • Fixes in debugger: Connection, Correctly show stacktrace etc,
  • Understanding of transaction blocks in migration parser
  • Information about hash parameters for different rails calls was updated. Now "Unexpected parameter for rails call" inspection should show less false positives.
  • Other bug fixes
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