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New Features and Improvements

IDE General

  • Built-in TextMate keymap added (Settings | Keymap | Keymaps | Textmate)
  • Dialog for choosing color scheme and keymap on first RubyMine startup
  • More than 50% reduced time of Ruby SDK indexing
  • Ruby code style settings added
  • New Ruby API for writing RubyMine extensions (work in progress)

Ruby Support

  • Aliases, attributes, class, instance and global variables are available in Goto Symbol action
  • Implemented resolve logic using symbol index
  • Added text occurrences references search
  • Improved public, protected, private calls handling
  • Intentions for converting between {} and do...end blocks
  • Intentions for converting between if/unless/while/until statements and statement modifiers

Ruby on Rails Support

  • HAML file template added (New | HAML File)
  • Inflector customization rules in environment.rb (Inflector.inflections.plural, singular etc.) are now supported
  • Initial implementation of "Extract Partial" refactoring for Rails views

Test Frameworks Support

  • Added ability to specify test framework in Rake task run configuration
  • Initial support for "test/spec" BDD framework in GUI tests runner. (You can't create run configuration for "test/spec" spec files but you can run it via rake task)

Bug Fixes

  • Inspection highlighting fixed in bundled dark color schemes
  • Fixed problem related to "Run Configuration Error: No SDK specified." error. Due to this error it was impossible to run any run configuration in RubyMine
  • Other bug fixes.
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