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  • Code insight performance improvements
  • Goto Next/Previous Method inside eval blocks
  • Duplicates search for Extract Method refactoring
  • JRuby --2.0 mode support


  • Code insight improvements
  • Partials local variables support
  • Migration fields in structure view for models

IDE General

  • Multiple projects support
  • Startup performance improvements
  • Terminal support


  • RSpec
    • Dynamic be_* and have_* matchers support
    • Type inference support for let, let! and subject
    • Zeus support
  • Cucumber, MiniTest & Test::Unit
    • Zeus support

Note: zeus version 0.13.4.pre2 is required for RSpec/Cucumber support


  • Structure view for LESS/SASS/SCSS
  • Breadcrumbs in LESS/SASS/SCSS files
  • Suppressible inspections for CSS
  • Image preview for data:uri (Shift + hover on data:uri string)
  • Extract inline CSS action improvements (

Bug Fixes

  • Other bug fixes
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