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No subsystemBugIDEA-144111After deleting from the Recent Files menu, I cannot use the arrow keys
BugIDEA-145786Exception when using "Move Caret to Matched Brace" for file without brace/parenthesis/bracket
TaskIDEA-145772Please map topic ID to the page "Required Plugins"
File SystemFeatureIDEA-133292fsnotifier is still 32 bit
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-145767Search hotkey no longer focuses searchbox when searchbox is open
User InterfaceBugIDEA-145776Mac OS: Default L&F: comboboxes in Androdi-Gradle facet settings look ugly
BugIDEA-145843Mac OS: Default L&F: "More Info" icon in "Build Variants" Android tool window looks bad
BugIDEA-145845Mac OS: Default L&F: some of the number pickers have disappeared
BugIDEA-145771Mac OS: Default L&F: Run/Debug Configurations combobox doesn't fit toolbar's height
CosmeticsIDEA-145711MacOSX: Default L&F: default File Colors (for Test and Non-ProjectFiles scopes - Yellow and Green) are nearly white
CosmeticsIDEA-145688MacOSX: Default L&F: hidden password looks ugly
No subsystemBugWEB-17450Startup failure when blocked in firewall
BugWEB-18313Code Analysis misreporting Coldfusion tags as html tag errors
ExceptionWEB-14408ClassNotFoundException when open project after opening export settings menu
Build toolsBugWEB-18320npm scripts do not run on Windows
JavaScriptBugWEB-18330Import of unresolved path is treated like annotator error
BugWEB-18325BUG: unexpected error with ES6 template strings and Expression interpolation
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-18357eslint doesn't work anymore in WS 142.5255
BugWEB-17784Turn off "Validate ES6" inspection by default in JSX Harmony mode.
BugWEB-18336Closure Linter: Warnings does not show up for the whole line
Node.jsBugWEB-18311Node.js: not enough room for node version
SASSBugWEB-18298Definition appears incorrectly for nested mixins.
TypeScriptBugWEB-18337TypeScript: Extract method refactoring: When extracting code which contains at least one variable from a static function, the new function is not static
BugWEB-18349Typescript good code Bad. Protected members cannot always be accessed from sub namespace
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..BugWI-28850Deployment - FTP: Incorrect remote paths shown
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