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Download the latest available EAP build from [RubyMine EAP] page.

RubyMine 7.1.4 (build 141.1835)


  • Debugger is now fixed (Issue not specified)
  • Autocompletion and quick documentation now work correctly
  • iOS 8.4 and Xcode 6.4 are now supported

Bug fixes

RubyMine 7.1.3 (build 141.1711)

Bug fixes

  • Problem with intermittent reindexing on project open is fixed (Issue not specified)
  • Code insight problems with RSpec3-style spec declaration are fixed(Issue not specified)
  • File Encoding settings page is added (Issue not specified)
  • Enter key behaviour is fixed in consoles when completion panel is opened (Issue not specified)
  • Performance problem with indexing after creation RubyMotion project and slowness in autocompletion is fixed (Issue not specified)
  • bug fixes

RubyMine 7.1.2 (build 141.1119)

Bug fixes

  • RubyMine now starts correctly on OS X 10.10.4 beta (Issue not specified)
  • Using project SDK different from 1.8 for Ruby scratch files (Issue not specified)
  • Ruby Cucumber tests are now run correctly when Python plugin activated (Issue not specified) – plugin update is required
  • JRuby is now available in create new empty project dialog (Issue not specified)
  • bug fixes

RubyMine 7.1.1 (build 141.910)


  • Ruby Scratch files are now executable (Issue not specified)
  • Android is now resolved in RubyMotion apps (Issue not specified)

Bug fixes

  • Debugging performance issue with polyglot projects (Issue not specified)
  • Values copied from debugger string inspection should be original strings, not ruby inspect values (Issue not specified)
  • Cannot execute block in debugger (Issue not specified)
  • Cannot switch SDK if .ruby-gemset is empty (Issue not specified)
  • Heredoc parsing improved (Issue not specified)
  • bug fixes

RubyMine 7.1 RC (build 141.564)


  • Support for dynamic environments (Issue not specified)
  • Synchronising puppet environment with the current git branch (Issue not specified)
  • Custom modules location configuration (Issue not specified)


  • New inspection is added to warn if a new variable name is already used while rename refactoring

Bug fixes

  • RSpec tests are run without any problems now, spec_helper is now optional to run RSpec tests (Issue not specified, Issue not specified)
  • bug fixes

RubyMine Satsuki Beta (build 141.373)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed exception thrown on breakpoint removal (Issue not specified)
  • Fixed "run to cursor" debugger action (Issue not specified)
  • Switching sdk w/o patch version made possible (Issue not specified)
  • bug fixes

RubyMine Satsuki EAP (build 141.96)

Bug fixes

  • Add more clear name for rbenv SDK added via Vagrant (Issue not specified)
  • Cache Vagrant ssh-config (Issue not specified)
  • Constant indexing was fixed (Issue not specified, Issue not specified)
  • Debugger is now working with recently released Ruby 2.2.1 (Issue not specified)
  • bug fixes

RubyMine Satsuki EAP (build 140.2694)


  • Code completion and execution for RubyMotion Android apps (Issue not specified)
  • Extracting class/module to a separate file (Issue not specified)
  • Code inspection now works fine when a model and namespace have both the same name (Issue not specified)
  • New welcome screen (Issue not specified)
  • Distraction-free mode (Issue not specified)

Puppet plugin

  • Puppet 4 language features support (Issue not specified)
  • Fallback resolving mode (Issue not specified)
  • Resolving externally defined symbols such as facts, functions, etc. (Issue not specified)

CoffeeScript support

  • ?= operator supported (Issue not specified)
  • Navigation to CoffeeScript files in Rails projects fixed (Issue not specified)
  • Formatting now works right with escaped line breaks (Issue not specified)

HTML editing

  • Synchronous HTML tag editing (Issue not specified)
  • Emmet edit points (Issue not specified)

Bug fixes

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